May 22, 2016

Nick Basile to step down at Suncorp

(pictured: Nick Basile) by Greg Bright Suncorp CIO, Nick Basile, will retire from his position at the end of June and is looking to pursue a small number of non-executive director roles in the industry. A search is underway for his

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Macoun’s sweet success in Wilson/Pinnacle deal

(pictured: Ian Macoun) Ian Macoun probably felt a little hard done by when he left Perennial Investment Partners, of which he was one of the early directors, in 2005. Last week, when he effectively took control of the listed Wilson Group,

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Funds get back to basics: chasing investment returns

(pictured: David Braga) The search for investment returns and the current risks in markets have replaced the former major concerns about dealing with regulatory changes and cutting costs among those involved in investments and operations at both super funds and fund

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The old and new of indices: how they change behaviour

(pictured: Kathryn McDonald) In the evolution of investment management, the lines between active and passive are becoming blurred. Indices no longer reflect “the market”, or not many of them do. Investors should be aware of the implications. Kathryn McDonald, director of

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Lessons for Aussie funds as CalPERS cuts more managers

(pictured: Wylie Tolette) It may be three times bigger than Australia’s largest super fund, but there are still lessons to be learned from its investment and operational strategies by big Australian investors. Here’s why, and how, CalPERS has cut its manager

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Why we don’t need central banks to be independent

(pictured: Joachim Fels) The increased danger of deflation, rather than inflation, has prompted commentators such as Joachim Fels, PIMCO managing director and economic advisor, to wonder whether it would be so bad if central banks were no longer independent of government.

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UK fund fee furore a must-watch for all managers

(pictured: Neil Woodford) by David Chaplin Australian and other fund managers would do well to watch the fee disclosure debate currently erupting in the UK. The recent move by high-profile UK manager Neil Woodford to publish all-up fund costs “in an

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