July 31, 2016

The resurgence in emerging markets debt strategies

(pictured: Arif Joshi) A group of heavyweight global bond managers visited Australia last week, drawn together by a Conexus conference in Melbourne. They differed on many things except one: emerging markets debt looks like coming into its own. GREG BRIGHT spoke

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… as yield and growth prospects remain strong

(pictured: Paul McNamara) On the surface, Brexit is not going to mean a lot to emerging markets fixed interest strategies. However, there are subtleties and, as always, some winners and losers from the move. Emerging markets fixed interest managers like those

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… and ‘lack of downside becomes the new upside’

(pictured: Matt Toms) Investors have a tendency to run from the last crisis towards the next one, just as regulators, like generals, fight the last war. What investors are running from is the bubble of securitisation, which burst in 2008, to

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BUSSQ to expand executive team with ‘new’ CIO

(pictured: David O’Sullivan)  David O’Sullivan, the long-serving chief executive of BUSSQ, and Linda Vickers, the fund’s chief operating officer, are to embark on new roles in a planned expansion of the executive team at the fund. The $3 billion Queensland-based

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Cuffe joins Antipodes board for $100m global LIC

(pictured: Jacob Mitchell)  Antipodes Partners, the boutique launched by multi-affiliate manager Pinnacle Investments Management in March last year, is joining the listed investment company trend by looking to raise at least $100 million for a global equity LIC. Pinnacle backed

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Paul Woolley celebrates 10 years with big-name conference

(pictured: Paul Woolley) The University of Technology Sydney is hosting its 10th annual Paul Woolley Centre two-day conference with a focus on how our financial institutions rate and whether there’s an ‘Uber’ in the wings to disrupt them. Benchmarking and failings

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Frontier going hard-line on fees

(pictured: Damian Moloney)  Frontier Advisors is turning up the heat in the increasingly widespread debate about funds management fees, with its chief executive putting pen to paper for a thought-leadership piece which updates previous work by the asset consultancy. The

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Tactical opportunity in London property post-Brexit

It may not be the exodus of ex-pats that some real estate agents are saying, but the impact of Brexit on commercial property in London is starting to be felt. Ironically, there’s a cyclical buyers’ opportunity, according to global property

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