November 18, 2018

Australia looking good in both equities and bonds

Australia looks like being at or near the top of the charts for long-term performance for both equities and bonds, according to work by Research Affiliates. Rob Arnott, the firm’s founder, told seminars in Sydney and Melbourne last week that

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Wells Fargo building out its international business

Wells Fargo Asset Management, the San Francisco-based fund manager, has been growing its international business at a fair clip of late. Non-US-sourced funds under management have reached US$36 billion, or about 8 per cent of the total, after a 22

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Research on performance link with ESG ‘mixed’

While ESG considerations are now undoubtedly on the minds of all fiduciary investors, in Australia and New Zealand at least, the main body of research on the subject has delivered mixed results in quantifying the relationship with investment performance. Jonathan

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Andrew Lill off to Chicago with Morningstar

Morningstar Investment Management has recruited a new CIO for the Asia Pacific region, based in Sydney, to allow Andrew Lill, who currently holds the position, to take up the role of CIO of the Americas in the new year. The

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Flight risk as Air NZ Super on-boards options

Close to NZ$1 billion (A$940 million) is up in the air in one of the biggest superannuation fund tenders in New Zealand for years approaches touchdown. It is understood the almost $1 billion Air NZ corporate superannuation fund had short-listed

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Money on a mission: why big asset owners must front up

Big money must start throwing its weight around, responsibly, the Thinking Ahead Institute (TAI) says in a new report which analysed about US$19 trillion of fiduciary investment money around the world. TAI, the think-tank unit associated with global consultancy firm

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