February 16, 2020

Chris Ailman

Getting serious with company engagement on ESG

by Greg Bright CalSTRS, the second-largest pension fund in the US and a bellwether for others, has instituted a new policy on its engagement with the thousands of companies in its global portfolios. The policy focuses on where the fund

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Feifei Li

… How ESG ratings providers let the side down

An often-expressed criticism of the ESG investing space, mainly by institutional investors, is the lack of robust benchmarks and/or ratings from independent bodies. ESG investing is complex. A new study by Research Affiliates indicates just how much work the industry

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Alistair Rew

AMP Capital joins data analytics revolution

AMP Capital, a big funds manager, has enjoined the asset servicing sector of the industry in seeking out opportunities for enhanced returns and better efficiencies through data analytics. Perhaps ironically, it’s the chair of the hedge fund group AIMA Australia

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Rob Brown

ACSA traces evolution of custody: long and important

When Laurence Bailey, then head of Chase Manhattan (now J.P. Morgan) in Australasia, backed the embryonic Australian Custodial Services Association, formed by a former National Australia Bank asset services manager, John Gall, in 1996, he had some big aspirations. Gall

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James Mawhinney

Local real assets, like tourism, strike a chord

Current new growth areas for large investors tend to be in the ‘real’ investments space. If you overlay domestic versus international strategies on that, to accommodate the tendency for local bias, you come up with a trio of local industries

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