April 5, 2020

Craig Allsopp

Shine Lawyers in the front line in IOOF action

by Greg Bright After several years of shareholder complaints, customer complaints and a Royal Commission which also snared the big four banks plus AMP, IOOF is now in the firing line from Shine Lawyers in the latest big class action

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Reece Birtles, Anthony Doyle, Kim Catechis and Stephen Miller

Immigration the key to quicker economic recovery

Australia, for once, is one of the top countries in its budgetary response to the current crisis, at more than 10 per cent of GDP in federal government-promised spending. The Australian States and Territories have added to this amount. It’s

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Phillip Carter

Zenith tries to call off Chant West merger

Zenith Investment Partners, controlled by private equity firm Five V Capital, and Chant West Holdings, a listed company which includes the software business Enzumo, are considered likely to reach an accommodation regarding their previously agreed merger. Zenith called off its

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Brendan Burwood

… meanwhile, the annual show goes on(line)

Chant West has cancelled its annual black-tie awards night, scheduled to be held, this year in conjunction with Conexus Financial, in Sydney on May 14. But the research firm will hold a virtual version of its awards through a live

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Raphael Haas

Super fund demand rises to sell illiquids

In the current circumstances big funds are likely to have to sell at least some illiquid assets, presenting them with an operational issue. Enter the aptly named Melting Point Solutions, a San Francisco-based global specialist broker, represented in Australia and

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Frontier thinks Government policy will lessen damage

Frontier Advisors last month published its initial views on the dramatic shift in the global macro-economic environment which suggested the Australian economy could contract by 6 per cent in 2020 due to Covid-19. The firm will today publish a follow-up

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William Caxton

Printers’ Picnic to be observed

Investor Strategy News will not be published next week, Easter Monday (April 13), a public holiday. We’re having a break. Believe it or not, it is more difficult to produce a media title in lockdown compared with being out and

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