March 26, 2021

ETF global flows build to $10.4t tsunami

Global investors have poured a record amount into exchange-traded funds (ETFs) during the first two months of 2021, according to industry data. UK-based consultancy firm ETFGI clocked about US$222.5 billion (A$288 billion) of net flows into the sector globally over

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NZ Super court win sets ESG precedent

The NZ Superannuation Fund has won a landmark court case that could set a high bar for activist legal challenges to its investment decisions. Any action jeopardising New Zealand’s reputation was deemed most important. In the ruling handed down in

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Investors need to maintain climate engagement

As the ESG investment world prepares for what may come out of the COP26 climate change conference in November, Martin Currie has set out the four major challenges in making the transition to net zero emissions. In its ‘Net Zero:

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Independence and Ninety One’s first year

As Ninety One, the former Investec Asset Management, celebrates its first year as an independently listed company, the Australian operation has also demonstrated one of the many advantages of that independence. The global parent investment bank, still the major shareholder

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A new multi-asset strategy with long pedigree

While tactical asset allocation strategies have had a long history in Australia, their newish incarnation, as global macro funds, have tended to go in and out of fashion in step with market jitters. The current volatility is good news. Starting

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Money, fast cars and investor returns

It may be intuitive but there is now evidence that investors with more testosterone and those who drive flashy sports cars tend to produce lower returns over time. They take too much risk. We have Yan Lu, an American academic,

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Longreach branches out along income theme

Longreach Alternatives, a multi-affiliate manager started by Sam Mann in late 2016, has added to its range of boutique offerings with the launch of a fisheries quota firm. A common theme for the range is “sustainable income”. Mann, best known

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The road to commercialise Mine Super’s Recreo

Mine Super has taken a big step towards commercialising its majority interest in Recreo Financial, the administration systems provider it partnered with in 2015. It has been a rocky road for many of the participants. Recreo is to merge with

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