September 23, 2021

ASX closes 1% higher as energy continues rise

Rally continues despite dividend drag, Premier profit doubles The S&P/ASX200 (ASX: XJO) continued its strong recovery adding another 1% on Thursday after the Federal Reserve committed to continue bond purchases until at least the end of the year. The strength was broad-based

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INSight #106 with Scott Bennett

What do investors need to consider now to build a climate resilient portfolio for the future? It’s imperative that investors start thinking today about how they will meet their decarbonisation objectives of tomorrow. Scott Bennett of Northern Trust Asset Management

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Cash-loading could sink family office returns

Family office portfolios could see massive underperformance ahead with most well-overweight cash, according to the latest Citi Private Bank global survey of the sector. David Bailin, Citi Global Wealth chief investment officer, said about a third of family offices in

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Reynolds continues boardroom blitz

Fiona Reynolds, the former CEO of the UN-supported Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI), has continued a barrage of board and executive appointments with a director position at Frontier. Reynolds will join the board of Frontier as a non-executive director as

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September curse strikes, correction talk grows

September has historically been a bad month for markets, and it could be about to get worse. But then again, talk is cheap. Everybody in equity markets knows that September is the cruellest month, to paraphrase Elliot.Nobody really understands why

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A new problem for super, insurance consolidation

As superannuation and life insurance consolidation continues apace, risk firm Retender warns that the government cannot rely on the invisible hand of the market to ensure competitive outcomes. It’s well understood that big super is getting bigger. That’s as a

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Super takes lead on post-Covid M&A

Cashed-up industry funds are expected to be leaders leader in post-pandemic M&A activity as investors begin to see the light at the end of the Covid-19 tunnel. While Fidelity anticipates that the Covid-19 pandemic has caused a structural shift in

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Investment consultants unite on net zero

Investment consultants like JANA, Frontier, and Willis Towers Watson, are banding together to “drive real change” by confronting the “daunting” task of accomplishing a net zero transition. The Net Zero Investment Consultants Initiative (NZICI) will see consultants embed advice on

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Funds spar with government over unlisted assets

Super funds may soon be forced to reveal internal valuations for unlisted assets. But the lesson from the Future Fund is that the new regulations aren’t in anybody’s best interests. While much of government’s recent focus has been on implementing

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Why Cathie Wood believes in the ‘super-crazies’

Implausible doesn’t mean impossible. But it remains to be seen whether the “creative destruction” that ARK Invest is banking on can trump the possibility that we’ve been in a bubble all along. They’re what legendary investor/prophet of doom Jeremy Grantham

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