November 5, 2021

INSight #125 with Northern Trust Asset Management

Many investors are aware of the efficacy of factors in global equities. However there is some uncertainty as to the way in which factor based strategies can be effective in a concentrated market, such as, Australian equities. In this 1-minute

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Big funds poor report card on climate

The world’s largest state-owned funds have accelerated their allocations to renewables and lifted their targets for net-zero portfolios but, so far, their investments have been “miniscule”, according to the latest report by Global SWF. In a special edition of its

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‘Financial repression’ rises from the ashes

Tomorrow is starting to look a lot like yesterday, with policymakers leveraging lessons from post-war Europe to solve the new problems barrelling towards us. Free market thinkers will likely chafe. “Financial repression” is the institutional constraints on interest rates designed

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Resolution keeps AMP Capital for A$29bn mandate

AMP Capital will continue in a A$29 billion investment management gig with Resolution Life after selling down its stake in the insurer last week. According to an AMP spokesperson, there has been “no change to the [Resolution] mandate for AMP

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Phillips reimagines investment data

Ben Phillips has left Casey Quirk, the specialist funds management consulting arm of Deloitte, after 13 years with the business. He has taken a role blending new technologies with investment data on a grand scale. The role, as head of

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Big investors demand more, more, more

An investor wish list shows how much we’re getting wrong. But it’s a long road to getting things right. One on one, big investors are usually loathe to suggest that governments could be doing more on decarbonisation, regardless of how

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Truth, consequences, and insider trading

The accusations of insider trading hurled at Australia’s big super funds are explosive in nature – and pose something of a headscratcher. Regardless of their weight, reputations are at stake. The revelations made by ASIC on Wednesday last week (October

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Making factors work in Aussie equities

While factor investing has been taken up globally, it’s seen slower pickup in the highly concentrated Australian equity market. That’s starting to change. The success of traditional active management is mostly due to its exposure to the most common factors:

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Ruffer runs against the bulls

A profound shift in the investment environment demands a revolution – not an evolution – in thinking, according to Ruffer. It might be the only way to defy gravity. The analogy that Ruffer uses for investor behaviour over the last

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