January 14, 2022

Emerging markets forge their own green revolution

Emerging markets have languished for years despite their explosive economic growth. But the new inflationary epoch – and a burgeoning focus on ESG – might turn all that around. Emerging markets can be a tough game. A decade of lackluster

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Bronte Capital bends short books to Aussie ‘crooks’

Bronte Capital CEO John Hempton believes the ASX is a target-rich environment for short sellers, and that a potentially imminent “post-bubble environment” will bring better days for the fund. It’s been a tough few years for Bronte Capital, which –

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YFYS won’t be the end of ESG: Parametric

The problems with Your Future Your Super (YFYS) run deep – among them, how super funds will manage ESG within the confines of low tracking error strategies. But it’s not the end of the road. Under the YFYS reforms, implementation

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Proxy advice reforms savage investor outcomes: Morningstar

Josh Frydenberg’s unilateral changes to proxy advice regulation look increasingly unjustifiable. The question that remains is why they were forced through in the first place. The changes, rammed through in late 2021 using regulations powers, will make it nearly impossible

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