Investor concerns on surveillance cameras

NZ Super and Australia’s Perpetual Investments have joined a group of global investors in an engagement program involving human rights and the use of facial recognition technology. They are the only Australasian members of a group of 50 fiduciary investors

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Fidante’s Ox Capital the new home for top manager

Joseph Lai, the top-performing Asia equities manager who resigned from Platinum Asset Management on December 29 last year, is set to join Fidante’s new boutique, Ox Capital. He will reportedly link up with another long-term emerging markets specialist, Doug Huey.

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Shanghai’s Mingshi IM recruits for Australian office

Mingshi Investment Management, a staff-owned Shanghai-based China ‘A’ shares specialist, has opened an Australian office with the recruitment of experienced marketer Michael Negline. Mingshi is unusual in several respects. It was founded by two academics, professors Yu Yuan and Robert

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Israel’s can of worms for NZ Super and others

NZ Super’s guardians and management are used to their fair share of lobbying by special interest groups, but the latest, from an Israeli group on behalf of five of Israel’s banks, could have implications for all fiduciary investors. The Israeli

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High praise for iPartners in debt

Evergreen Ratings has singled out the iPartners for wholesale investors for providing ‘appropriate’ liquidity in an inherently illiquid private debt market. In its latest ratings for the burgeoning private debt asset class, where non-institutional products are starting to take hold

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Core value and niche growth for property

Melbourne-based property manager SG Hiscock hasn’t had a lot to celebrate of late, except perhaps its 20th anniversary. Like all good managers, it sees mainly opportunity in the troubles. For starters, founder Steve Hiscock told a zoom media meeting last

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… broadens research on climate impact

The main focus for ESG investors, as with many of world’s policy makers and influencers, over recent years has been on the ‘E’. The ‘S’, though, is far from forgotten. The impact of climate change and the measures aimed at

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Martin Currie launches stewardship institute

Martin Currie has launched an inhouse institute to broaden research and the exploration of ideas around asset management stewardship. Super funds and other clients will have input into the topics studied. The global equities manager, a subsidiary of Franklin Templeton,

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Robo-advice lifts member contributions

Adopting a robo-advice platform will increase member contributions as well as investment-option performance, while improving diversification, according to a study of French savings plans. While the buzz surrounding its introduction just over 10 years ago has abated, an increasing body

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