Performance keeps Australia in alternatives game

Australia remains tiny on a world scale for alternative investments, with just 1-2 per cent of the global market, despite having consistently good performance, particularly among private equity players. This is the view of Mark O’Hare, the founder and chief

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Market distortions boost demand for private markets

Short and long-term factors are benefitting investors and their managers which have either entered the private markets space or expanded their capabilities. To the chagrin of detractors, Australia’s big not-for-profit funds can hang their hats largely on private markets for

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… as Antler offers new model for venture

The case for venture capital as an institutional investment has never been more apparent. As others in the private markets generally are saying, “where else are you going to invest?” While a new model doesn’t make it any easier for

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Behind the ILS and cat bond prices surge – Frontier

Insurance-linked securities and catastrophe (cat) bonds have become increasingly popular investments for institutional investors over the last 20 or-so years, since the market took off due to a spate of hurricanes in the US. COVID-19 has added a new twist.

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… as climate, COVID prompt increased demand

With rising insurance premiums and continued fears about the impact of climate change – and whether the world is reacting effectively enough – insurance-linked securities and catastrophe bonds are going through a growth spurt. The March market slump due to

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How technology is pushing asset servicers to the fore

The job of global custodians is about to get a lot more important as the spread of new technologies takes hold throughout the investment world. A recent paper by Northern Trust’s asset servicing arm ‘reimagines’ the investment world in 2030,

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Why infrastructure hasn’t touched the sides yet

Australia has a long way to go to catch up to its major trading partners in its planned spend on new infrastructure, notwithstanding Prime Minister Morrison’s pledge of $100 billion over the next 10 years. This should be something for

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Morningstar to meld fundamental and quant research

The separation of qualitative from quantitative analysis and ratings at Morningstar, the global giant research, ratings and funds management company, goes way back, prior even to its expansion into Australia and New Zealand more than 20 years ago. That separation

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