Israel lobby tries to halt NZ Super exclusions

The Israel Institute of NZ lobbied to halt the exclusion of certain banking stocks from the NZ Superannuation Fund’s portfolio this year, according to recently released documents. In an Official Information Act (OIA) request on April 12, the local Israel

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Suncorp deal adds to NAS win on LGIA

LGIA Super, in the process of merging with Energy Super, last week (April 30) confirmed the appointment of National Asset Servicing as custodian for the new fund. This follows last week’s announcement that LGIA will buy the Suncorp wealth management

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New Evergreen, Generation investment bond

Evergreen Consultants has teamed with Generation Life for the launch of an ESG-orientated multi-manager investment bond, believed to be an industry first. The bond follows a model portfolio developed by Evergreen, called the Responsible Growth Model. The research and ratings

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The Government makes YFYS concessions

After repeated and universal criticism from all major super industry bodies, the Government has agreed to two amendments to its performance benchmark as part of the Government’s proposed Your Future, Your Super legislation. The Government announced last week (April 28)

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Indices and other quandaries over China

The China growth story is putting increasing pressure on index providers to maintain the integrity of their indices. Emerging markets indices, for instance, may be becoming irrelevant. According to Rob Lovelace, the president and vice-chairman of Capital Group and one

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Robeco takes contrarian view of credit

While the consensus view of credit markets is that investors should be long, at least one credit manager, Maurice Meijers of Robeco Asset Management, takes the other side. In the global equity and fixed income manager’s quarterly outlook delivered last

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NZ gags fund performance ads

In a highly unusual move, the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) has cracked down on fund managers advertising post-COVID boom-time annual returns. The regulator has warned managers that advertising any “phenomenal” returns garnered over the 12 months to March 31 could

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The bright side of data regulation

It was little more than a year ago that trading spreads across a range of instruments had blown out to record levels, courtesy of the first market impact of covid-19. Now, they are as narrow as they have ever been.

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ESG, impact trends playing out in fixed income

While ESG investing through equities attracts most of the limelight, fixed income is increasingly gaining the attention it deserves. The asset class is, after all, about 40 times the size of the equities market. In a webinar last week to

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