John White and Beau Titchkosky

Listed real estate good value in current climate: Heitman

The human impact of isolation to protect oneself, one’s family, and the community against COVID-19 has prompted investors to pause and re-think their portfolios on several levels. Real estate exposure is a logical place to revisit as the pandemic has

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Bill Bovingdon and Joanna Douglas

Green bond market to be boosted by first managed fund

Australia’s $20 billion green bonds market is coming of age, having spawned the first managed fund dedicated to the asset sub-class. Australian Unity launched an institutional-grade unlisted unit trust last month, managed by its in-house cash and fixed interest team

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Andrew Mathewson, Kim Catechis and Kimon Kouryialas

Crisis accelerates big shift in emerging markets index

While China has been a standout country for the adoption of online consumer purchases for several years, the trend has accelerated during COVID-19 and other emerging markets, such as Brazil, have taken a “huge leap forward”, according to Martin Currie.

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Steve Miller

It’s not just toilet paper: investors can hoard cash too

Stephen Miller, investment strategist for multi-affiliate manager GSFM, has taken an interesting line in a note to clients on why the Reserve Bank of Australia should not, and probably won’t, follow some other countries into negative interest rate territory. The

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Laird Abernethy

Quality in the time of crisis

Market crises tend to come along a lot more often than you think. Sometimes, as with the market slump due, primarily, to the ‘trade wars’, starting in late in 2018 last year, between the US, China, Mexico and, even, Canada,

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Adam Berger

Uncertainty reignites active versus passive argument

After more than 30 years of arguments among and between fund managers, academics and, even, regulators, the passive versus active debate may wax and wane but it remains unresolved across the broad investor audience. In a timely paper, Wellington Management

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Reece Birtles

With investments, adversity leads to invention too

Some of the best investment strategies have their genesis in personal circumstances or adversity. For Martin Currie, which manages one of Australia’s oldest and best performing equity income strategies, it was both. The firm last month celebrated the 10th anniversary

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Stefano Lee

Dutch firm picks up the four largest funds across Australasia

by David Chaplin The big Netherlands-headquartered investment performance attribution firm, Ortec Finance, has completed the double in both Australia and New Zealand, landing the two largest institutional funds in each country as clients. It picked up NZ’s Accident Compensation Corporation

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