Gerard Noonan and David Atkin

The rationale behind Media Super and Cbus merger

by Greg Bright Media Super, formed in 1987 as JUST Super, was a pioneer among super mergers. It merged with the entertainers and actors’ fund, the interestingly named JEST, within a couple of years of formation. It then merged with

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David Koch and Kylie Merritt

Kochie rediscovers his roots with ausbiz

The Australian Investment Council, the main body representing private equity managers and investors, has backed David Koch’s new fintech business, ‘ausbiz’, through a media partnership. Although best known as a successful television personality in Australia, ‘Kochie’ is also a serial

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Leola Ross

Believe it or not: active management is not dead

Russell Investments has embarked on a “massive study” on the lessons for active management in the pandemic era.  Dr Leola Ross, Russell investment strategy research director, told the group’s NZ virtual annual conference audience last week that all investors should

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Yasser El-Ansary

Venture and big super: how they can get together

For years, venture capital has struggled to attract the attention of big, mainly not-for-profit, super funds. Highly innovative venture-backed companies represent where the money is, at least in the unlisted space. There are several reasons for the struggle. But now,

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Luc Renard and David Braga

BNP Paribas leading in securities servicing technology

Australia is likely to be one of the first countries in the world whose stock exchange adopts distributed ledger technology (commonly known as ‘blockchain’). BNP Paribas Securities Services, which has been there from the start, intends to take a ‘node’

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Paul Harrison

How NZ’s ETS could fire up carbon investment options

Carbon-offset investments could see a boost under the new NZ emission trading scheme (ETS) regime that passed into law last week. Paul Harrison, Salt Funds managing director, said the new ETS legislation – currently awaiting Royal Assent – goes further

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