Pro-value chorus getting louder and louder

One of the great unanswerable questions for investors over the past 10 years is why value investing, the tried-and-true performer since it was identified in the 1930s but probably used innately well before, has stayed out of whack for so

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Big NZ fund’s global equities blues under review

The NZ$4.2 billion (A$3.9 billion) New Zealand Government Superannuation Fund has replaced two of its global equities mandates with two Australian-domiciled global equity products, ahead of an independent review of its strategy. According to its 2020 annual report, post balance

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Lindsey Hogg

Art lover comes in from the cold

The name’s Peterson. Ian Peterson. For many years, Ian Peterson was the toast of the art galleries of Britain, Europe, and the US. The quiet self-effacing businessman got to rub shoulders with the glitterati of the art world in London,

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Lure of helping people to retire with dignity

Jacki Ellis, portfolio manager for retirement strategies at Aware Super, says she is passionate about issues relating to retirement. The big challenge for the industry is to engage with members earlier to make retirement seem “real”. Speaking last week (October

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The Budget: more questions than answers

In a mixed response to last week’s federal Budget (February 6) the superannuation and associated sectors were generally supportive of the Government’s goals but almost universally concerned about how certain proposals would work and the likelihood of unintended adverse consequences.

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FEAL’s top award to go ahead without AMP, for now

The board of the Fund Executives Association Ltd has taken the difficult decision to suspend the sponsorship relationship the body has had with AMP Capital for the coveted ‘Fund Executive of the Year’ award, which will this year be funded

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Evergreen launches separate alts rating business

Angela Ashton’s Evergreen Consulting, a research firm which covers traditional platform-friendly investment funds, has launched a new company which will embark on the road less travelled. Evergreen Ratings will concentrate on complex, often less-liquid products, which rarely make it onto

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Super funds ready for compulsory member meetings

Big super funds appear to have taken at least one government change to their overall operations in their stride – the compulsion to hold a member annual meeting, with the first necessary before March next year. Some, such as AustralianSuper,

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Growth managers check value as FANMAGs soar

As it turned out, the Morningstar-organised discussion between a value and a growth manager became a lot more conciliatory than would have been expected. Many investors had been wondering whether value would ever make a comeback. They need not have

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Fixed income: don’t forget bonds for true defence

In March and April this year, Jamieson Coote Bonds, a Melbourne boutique bond manager, suffered redemptions of about $1 billion, which were processed without difficulty. “Solvency and liquidity are what matters in the darkest days,” says partner Charlie Jamieson. Jamieson

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