Nick Baltas

… as value fares better in crowding markets

While quantitative managers, on average, had a rough trot during 2018, including the popular alternative risk premia strategy managers, new work indicates that certain styles will be more resilient in the current market climate, performing better in the event of

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Ryan Rupp French

Digital assets a ‘real institutional investment’

In what a specialist consultant and Bitcoin trading firm, Goldbaum & Partners, sees as the development of an emerging asset class in ‘digital assets’, there may well be a challenge to the characteristics exhibited over the years by gold. It

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New powers for APRA: the danger for super funds

comment by Greg Bright There’s a reason that the big APRA-regulated super funds didn’t get hauled over the coals by the banking royal commission. They didn’t have anything to hide. The profit-for-member funds were unscathed compared with banks, quasi banks

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Alex Vyonkur

As it passes $50b: here’s the state of the ETF market

ASX-listed exchange-traded funds and exchange-traded products, such as actively managed listed funds, have become a phenomenon in the past few years, after a slow start. The latest rankings show that smaller organisations are competing well against the world’s largest fund

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Mark O'Hare

Europe’s alternatives defy economic gloom

The European alternative assets market is thriving despite a general air of gloom descending on the increasingly fractured continent, according to a new report from global hedge fund research house Preqin. Mark O’Hare, Preqin founder and chief executive, says in

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Rob Arnott

If we’re in a bubble, look for anti-bubble investments

Investors have long worried about ‘bubbles’ and ‘busts’. But there are also stocks which could be termed ‘anti bubble’. In its latest client note, Research Affiliates, the US-based smart-beta specialist, which opened an office in Melbourne last year, the authors,

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