David Coogan, Ken Marshman, Michael Dundon and Naomi Edwards

Fund mergers: the good, the bad and the ugly

by Greg Bright Ken Marshman, the independent chair of Rest, called them the ‘matchmaker’, ‘the fiancé’ and ‘Muriel’. They are three people who have been involved in no less than 13 super fund mergers. In the current climate, their experiences

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Backoffice business builds blockchain bible

Global financial market infrastructure firm Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) has laid out a chapter-and-verse governance model for the nascent blockchain universe. In a just-published white paper produced with consultancy giant, Accenture, DTCC establishes eight commandments for running ‘permissioned’

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Liam Mason

Regulator puts custody on the backburner in NZ

by David Chaplin* Later this year, probably, the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) of New Zealand will release the findings of a long-awaited review of the country’s custody sector. Securities servicing, as it should be known, has been long neglected by

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Reece Birtles

It’s time to pound the table for value

Value will come back. It must do. It’s the most persistent of styles, dating back to the research of Benjamin Graham in the 1930s. Its underperformance cannot go on much longer. Surely. Reece Birtles, admittedly biased towards the style, provides

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Stanley Fischer

BlackRock’s economic heart-starter plan

by David Chaplin BlackRock has laid out the case for a coordinated fiscal and monetary shock policy to defibrillate the global economy as it struggles to register a pulse. In a paper published last week, the BlackRock Investment Institute argues

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John Peterson

Tracking ‘real numbers’: active pulls away from indexed

John Peterson, an institutional advisor and investor who runs the Peterson Research Institute, has been monitoring like-for-like actual investment options offered by two big super funds, which track the relative performances of active versus indexed strategies. Here is his latest

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Mike Symonds

NAB’s latest FX survey shows shift in intent

The big super funds which take part on National Australia’s Bank’s two-yearly survey about currency management have exhibited a significant upgrade in their views and intent with respect to foreign currency. “It’s no longer a binary – passive or active

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Nick Baltas

… as value fares better in crowding markets

While quantitative managers, on average, had a rough trot during 2018, including the popular alternative risk premia strategy managers, new work indicates that certain styles will be more resilient in the current market climate, performing better in the event of

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