COP26 preview: what net zero means for investors

Big pension funds are looking to put on a good show prior to policy maker announcements at the increasingly anticipated COP26 United Nations climate change conference in Glasgow starting November 1. The UN PRI and London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG)

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Qld’s BIG merger: it’s now about investments

As Sunsuper and Qsuper took another step forward in their proposed merger last week, the biggest hurdle, negotiating with the Queensland Government, appears to have been cleared. Now for the investments issue. The two funds, one trying to be truly

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Alternative thoughts on the value conundrum

This is not another ‘now is the time for value’ story. Really. Perhaps the unique nature of the market’s record run in growth over value has been to do with our definition of value. Here are some alternative thoughts. According

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Need for boards to better monitor executives

Australian company directors should be doing more to ensure their executives stick to the ethical values espoused at board level if they want to avoid a repeat of the poor behaviours exposed at the Hayne Royal Commission. A ‘Dialogue’ paper,

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… and reviews fund manager cultures

In the face of an ever-increasing wave of issues surrounding culture within funds management businesses, Frontier has become more aggressive in its approach to assessing culture within the businesses managing its client funds. Frontier, which advises on about $450 billion,

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Big investors still pumping gas for black stocks

Fossil fuel investments held by the world’s largest fiduciary funds – sovereign wealth funds and public pension funds – have risen to their highest level since 2011, according to a report by SWF Global. The State-Owned Investor (SOI) data collected

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How funds need to engage in future – EY

Last year’s early release scheme for super fund members was a major event for both members and their funds, according to a report by advisory firm EY. For many funds it was an opportunity, too, which was largely missed. The

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Insight puts practice to AA theories

Insight Investment has put the case for active asset allocation for investors over the market cycle, but especially now when both traditional defensive and growth assets are at troubling levels. In a webinar last week (February 25), Bruce Murphy, the

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Why US trading systems could reach unsettling speeds

US markets could halve settlement times by 2023 in a move aimed at dramatically cutting margin costs and reducing risk, according to financial infrastructure provider The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC). The DTCC proposal released in the wake of

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