Kirby Rappell

Why profit-for-member funds continue to outperform

The latest annual study commissioned by AIST, using SuperRatings research and analysis, shows profit-for-member funds continuing to dominate commercial and retail-orientated funds for performance, and why. But the gap between the two opposing groups is narrowing. The study looks at the

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Henk Grootveld

Trend investing: not as easy as you think

It may be difficult to distinguish between them, but the increasingly popular ‘trend’ or ‘thematic’ investing style is not about chasing the latest ‘fad’. For super funds and other long-term investors, it’s about studying ‘mega trends’ and working out how

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Norman Tweeboom

New age of transparency for super funds

by Norman Tweeboom* The Royal Commission and Productivity Commission have sparked a ‘New Age of Transparency’ for Australia’s superannuation industry, joining it in the global march towards better retirement saving outcomes and experiences. How successful it will be relative to

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Val Wotton

Europe adds to regulatory issues

As if we didn’t have enough regulatory issues of our own to contend with, the goings on in Europe – not just Brexit – are providing Australia’s big super funds and their managers with more and more grief. DTCC, at

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Rob Arnott

Trading efficiencies now under the spotlight

All the forces of regulators, advisors and customers in the super and funds management industry point, inexorably, to further pressure on costs for all players. Areas which have not yet seen headline cost pressure from these forces are now likely

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