Andy Sowerby

The changing dynamics of DIY investors

The sixth annual survey by the global multi-affiliate manager Legg Mason paints an interesting new picture of the way individual investors – both advised and unadvised – are approaching their investment portfolios. There appear to be big changes on the

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Jamie Stevenson and David Travers

Creepy or cool: unlocking the value of data

by Greg Bright* RBC Investor & Treasury Services posed an interesting question to fund managers last week: “Is data creepy or cool?” The answer, probably, is: “both”. An eclectic group of fund managers gathered in Sydney and had their say

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David Carruthers

Lifecycle strategies come with a cost – Frontier

With the ubiquity of MySuper default options, many funds have attempted to provide a more tailored retirement solution to members through the adoption of so-called ‘lifecycle’ strategies. But, a new paper by Frontier Advisors, warns that members may retire with

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Olivia Engel

How quants capitalise on investment styles

It is often said that momentum, as an investment style, adds value on average over time. And the stats say that is true. In fact, compared with other styles, such as value – the grand-daddy of all styles – it

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Antionette Elias

Slowing appetite for hedge fund strategies – EY

Market conditions and changing investor preferences are creating new challenges for hedge fund managers’ capital raising ambitions, allowing alternatives funds to gain favour with investors, according to EY’s annual alternative funds survey, ‘Global Alternative Fund Survey – At the Tipping

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George Serafeim

How to work sentiment for extra alpha in ESG investing

Recent research by Harvard Business School has shown an increasing price premium for stocks which rate highly on an ESG scale over others, and that much of the premium increase can be attributed to investor sentiment. As always, though, investors

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Bruce Murphy

Australia solid but NZ shines in Insight’s new ESG model

Insight Investment, the big funds management subsidiary of BNY Mellon, has launched a global sustainability model which dissects the risks in each country for sovereign debt investors. In its first unveiling today, the model shows Australia to be “generally strong”

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Jonathan Steffanoni

Regulatory changes checklist

There’s a lot happening in the regulatory world for financial services. Stuart Robert, new Assistant Treasurer, told the SuperRatings/Lonsec conference late last month that he was hopeful of at least four, maybe five, Bills making it through Parliament this month.

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