Rajiv Jain

… as mean reversion gets nearer, or not

For a slightly different take on the same theme, GQG Partners, another US-based global manager, says that, to a certain extent, everyone is a value investor. No-one wants to over-pay for stocks, whether they seem ‘cheap’ or ‘glamourous’. Entry price

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Yoshie Phillips

How ESG is winning the bond market vote

by David Chaplin* Fixed income managers are latching on to the environmental, social and governance (ESG) trend pioneered among their equity counterparts “with a sense of urgency”, a new Russell Investments paper argues. The study authored by Russell global fixed

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Reece Birtles, Anthony Doyle, Kim Catechis and Stephen Miller

Immigration the key to quicker economic recovery

Australia, for once, is one of the top countries in its budgetary response to the current crisis, at more than 10 per cent of GDP in federal government-promised spending. The Australian States and Territories have added to this amount. It’s

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Raphael Haas

Super fund demand rises to sell illiquids

In the current circumstances big funds are likely to have to sell at least some illiquid assets, presenting them with an operational issue. Enter the aptly named Melting Point Solutions, a San Francisco-based global specialist broker, represented in Australia and

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Rob Arnott

Research Affiliates rolls out Australasian expansion

Research Affiliates, the company which some folks think invented smart beta, even though they didn’t call it that back then, is expanding in Australasia. But its founder, Rob Arnott, is pre-occupied at the moment. Research Affiliates (RA) spends a lot

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Laura Lallos and Madison Sargis

Zero progress for funds management women

On a day of celebration for the late Mavis Robertson’s achievements in the advancement of women in the super industry, along with her many other achievements, today (March 2), Morningstar is publishing a report on the progress of gender diversity

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Marian Poirier, Paul Hennessy and Rosemary Shannon

Managers link arms to promote active strategies

A group of three big global managers has linked up to promote the benefits of active management in Australia and New Zealand, ahead of what is generally expected to be a sharemarket correction sometime soon. Active managers have been through

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Feifei Li

… How ESG ratings providers let the side down

An often-expressed criticism of the ESG investing space, mainly by institutional investors, is the lack of robust benchmarks and/or ratings from independent bodies. ESG investing is complex. A new study by Research Affiliates indicates just how much work the industry

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