Chris Drew, Mahesh Pritamani and Raewyn Williams

How beliefs and portfolio construction shape outcomes

An under-researched element in the professional investment process is portfolio construction. Yet, according to a joint research effort by implementation specialist manager Parametric and the Sydney-based Australian Catholic Superannuation and Retirement Fund, the rewards can be very significant. The research

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Nicolas Didelot

DWS gets a GRIP with multi-asset range

DWS, formerly known as Deutsche Asset Management, has extended marketing of its Multi Asset Solutions unit’s range of strategies in Australia and New Zealand, following rapid success in Asia over the past couple of years. One of the unique tools

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Scott Fletcher

Russell/ASX study confirms residential property’s status

Asset class performance, like fund manager performance, can fluctuate wildly from year to year. The annual Russell Investments/ASX study of markets and accompanying analysis provides a reflective view on the lack of persistence in market segment returns on a year-by-year

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Global managers get behind emerging market debt

Two big global managers – Franklin Templeton Investments and Wellington Management – have produced papers espousing the virtues right now of emerging market debt strategies. Emerging market debt is “fixed income’s most dynamic asset class”, one of them says. According

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Vera Kruckel

How to capitalise on cybersecurity threats

Cybersecurity breeches may well represent the biggest threat to both corporate and national interests, but investors can also capitalise on the problem. It’s the age-old adage: where there’s muck there’s money. According to a paper by Robeco, ‘Cybersecurity – Turning

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