Ben Thornley

Alpha in impact: new research on the main drivers

With the rise in impact investing – the most active direct investing segment of the ESG trend around the world – a group of 35 North American specialist private equity managers has co-published a report showing how the alpha potential

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Georg Elsaesser

Factor investing outpacing traditional market-cap indexing

Factor investing continues to expand and mature, based on broadly favourable outcomes and investor satisfaction, but the real test will come, perhaps soon, when the many relatively recent adopters take their factor strategies through a market downturn, according to a

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Lars Meisinger

Investment opportunities in renewable energy

Renewable energy is, arguably, the hottest asset sub-class of the moment. Some fund managers, such as Aquila Capital, have a long history in the renewables area and can point to many nuances which investors should consider. Unlike some other hot

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Michael Leibrock

Top risks for 2019: Brexit a bigger worry than you think

Even before last week’s political strife in the UK over Brexit, big global investors were concerned about the growing systemic risks, according to the latest international risk survey by DTCC, the post-trade infrastructure provider. The slower-than-expected negotiating progress between the

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Jonathan Shaw

How to build the right kind of member engagement

by Jonathan Shaw* Building informed member engagement is more crucial than ever if funds want to retain and attract members. Engagement is a balancing act. Just enough and super fund members make better retirement decisions. Too much and they can

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Jeb Belford

How Clarion adds value through ESG in property

In the property sector, the introduction of ESG principles has, to date, largely been confined to the design and redevelopment of ‘green buildings’. But a handful of fund managers has sought to integrate ESG in all aspects of their work.

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Andy Sowerby

The changing dynamics of DIY investors

The sixth annual survey by the global multi-affiliate manager Legg Mason paints an interesting new picture of the way individual investors – both advised and unadvised – are approaching their investment portfolios. There appear to be big changes on the

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