Richard Wilson

ESG and SDGs – a new way for investors to map progress

BMO Global Asset Management, which has long been an active ESG-orientated manager, has shown in its latest annual ‘Responsible Investment Review’ how the growing acceptance of ‘sustainable development goals’ (SDGs) can be mapped to allow greater understanding of a portfolio’s

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Morningstar’s latest view: stick with cash

The Morningstar quarterly view of asset classes, published last week, emphasises the over-valuation of most equities and bond markets, including Australia’s. Despite a few minor pockets of value, the big research house has gone longer to cash in its own

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Foreign managers in China: how they rate

The annual assessment of international managers operating in, selling to and selling from China, has shown some changes among the top ranks. China is now the ‘priority for most global managers’, according to the latest Z-Ben study. UBS, Schroders, BlackRock,

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Alvin Tan and Kuek Chyuan

Frontier Advisors puts India ahead of China

Often compared by international investors, India and China continue to face off on their prospects for both economic growth and market attractiveness. A new report by Frontier Advisors is now putting India out front over the long term. At an

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