… as Sustainalytics weighs into cluster-bomb row

The KiwiSaver cluster-bomb incident should serve as a warning to other jurisdictions, according to global ESG research firm, Sustainalytics. Vanguard and other index providers in New Zealand are already being affected. In a paper published last week, Sustainalytics says the

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Investors beware: trading costs set to rise, says report

(pictured: Michael Aked) When investors think about mean reversion they normally think about asset valuations. They should also think about liquidity, because transaction costs associated with liquidity also mean revert. They are currently at all-time lows and are set to shoot

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Funds urged on new ‘CRIO’ role and better engagement

Perhaps it’s time for big super funds to elevate their retirement solutions staff with the appointment of a ‘chief retirement income officer’ to complement the role of chief investment officer, according to a report produced jointly by KPMG and Challenger.

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Five disrupting trends for asset managers

Believe it or not, the funds management industry is in better shape than it has been for years. However, disruption, due to a raft of technological developments, is happening now. Managers have to adapt quickly in order to survive, according

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Baird bounces back at impact investing talkfest

(pictured: Mike Baird) by Greg Bright He may have been on the back foot over shark deterrents on NSW beaches and the cruel world of greyhound racing, but last week the NSW premier, Mike Baird, was able to stand proud before

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ACCC wins no friends with early views on Pillar sale

(pictured: Rod Sims) Analysis by Greg Bright It’s not just the Link Group’s board and management that are displeased at the ACCC interim view on the proposed Pillar purchase, announced last Thursday. The NSW Government, too, along with Pillar staff, may

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The Aberdeen story: why history matters

(pictured: Martin Gilbert) by Greg Bright In these days of increasing variety in investment structures, from traditional LICs to listed investment trusts, to ETFs to SMAs and IMAs, to mFunds and, most recently, to exchange quoted managed funds, it’s the traditional

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Capital stewardship the big new topic for super funds

(pictured: Tom Garcia)  The big topic of “capital stewardship”, as a kind-of overlay for responsible investing and ESG that have been embraced by super funds and other fiduciaries, was a key theme at last week’s AIST Australian Superannuation Investment annual

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