Inflation concerns over ESG

They are two hot topics of analyses in the investment world. What is not so well known is that the coming round of inflation will likely be exacerbated by ESG strategies. The obvious element to cause a spike in prices

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Alternatives may benefit from ESG and inflation

Every cloud has a silver lining. Alternatives may benefit from both the trend to ESG strategies and the extra inflationary pressures which ensue, according to the mid-year outlook from Franklin Templeton. Two of Franklin Templeton’s affiliate managers, Clarion Partners and

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BlackRock questions new world order

The asset management colossus believes three key themes will shape a post-covid world of rising climate risk and extraordinary economic imbalances. Ben Powell, the chief investment strategist for Asia Pacific at BlackRock’s Investment Institute in Singapore, said: “To state the

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Better governance helps Japanese market

While Japan has long been anathema to western investors, a series of corporate governance reforms are fueling renewed interest in the country. Japan’s status as a technologically advanced country with a happy, healthy population has long belied its stagnating economy

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Asian financials face ‘slow death’ unless they innovate

While Asian financials will benefit from the world’s fastest growing middle-class, they also face massive headwinds from fintech disruptors and the looming threat of central bank digital currencies. Asian financials are still an important sector for investors and one that

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Manager selection in multi-sector fixed income

Multi-sector fixed income strategies are looking increasingly attractive as investors grapple with the implications of the global interest rate landscape. Manager selection is not so easy. A client paper by global manager search and research firm bfinance, titled ‘Multi-Sector Fixed

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Funds coming to grips with digital advice

Super funds have battled with providing financial advice for decades but have not yet found a solution that can make it affordable and efficient for millions of low-balance members. Digital advice – including ‘robo’ – which in theory solves the

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China becoming its own asset class: China AMC story

It’s difficult enough for big investors to decide on a China strategy, even after they recognise the necessity of having one. And then there’s the throng of implementation options to sift through. In the melee, one China manager stands out:

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ESG’s unintended consequences

The rapid adoption of ESG strategies, particularly in the wholesale market segment, should prompt a rethink of portfolio construction, according to Janus Henderson Investors. Adding ESG to the mix can cause unexpected tilts. In a global media webinar series last

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Definitive investor guide to governance

The ICGN, arguably the oldest and among the largest investor governance organisations in the world, will next month (July 8) launch a definitive guide to governance for asset managers and asset owners. In the form of a 210-page e-book, titled

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