Why you shouldn’t sweat China (much)

China’s ongoing regulatory crackdown has investors running scared. But China still wants to be a global player – and its most successful companies aren’t going anywhere. China’s recent regulatory efforts have sent a chill down the spine of even the

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Markets await a ‘reversion to mediocrity’

It’s hard to think about tomorrow when you’re having a good time today, and a decade of ripping equity market returns has investors convinced that the party can go on. While equity markets have outpaced “even the most optimistic forecasts”

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The case builds for China A-shares

The China growth story is well known to international investors but the best way to access profitable growth and the various risks continue to evolve as part of that story. In a session devoted to ‘Investing for Change in China

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Both sides to blame in common ownership bungle

The inquiry into common ownership has given us that rarest of things: a moment of bipartisan stupidity. There are so many wonderful ways to waste taxpayer money. You can use it to pay for business-class flights to Canberra, or Craig

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Net Zero and other damage in YFYS test

With complaints about its efficacy still reverberating through the super industry, the YFYS performance test is to be extended next year to cover certain member investment options. Sustainability will be a big loser. Having delivered its first-year test results last

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Big super taking on big end of town

Last year a big super fund, Aware Super, shocked the M&A market in Australia with a surprise bid for a listed company, OptiComm. It signalled a new era in competition among players at the big end of town. It was

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Instos chase decarbonisation as climate threat looms

The advent of Your Future Your Super (YFYS) and a new wave of climate regulation means institutional investors are increasingly turning their gaze towards decarbonisation, according to Northern Trust Asset Management. Scott Bennett, Northern Trust Asset Management head of quantitative

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PIMCO’s advice on inflation

PIMCO, the world’s largest fixed income manager, believes that there is more risk in the current inflation bogey than the market is anticipating. It has published what is likely the most authoritative look at the current inflation concerns and suggested

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Trade winds blow for semiconductors

Semiconductors are ‘the new oil’. The big problem is getting them. “What we’re seeing is an explosion in the amount of data gathering and measurement and functionality across whole swathes of industries,” says Matthew Reynolds, Capital Group investment director for

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bfinance moves into wealth management space

bfinance, the global fund-manager search and research consultant, is moving into the wholesale wealth management sector, having completed its first global survey in the space. The survey of 120 wealth managers, including about 10 from Australia, shows a pattern of

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