Jon Glass on retirement: it’s not only about money


Jon Glass, the former asset consultant, fund manager and super fund CIO, is 66 years of age. And he is the embodiment of all that he advises in his new consulting business, ‘64 Plus’, which provides non-financial advice for retirees and people approaching retirement.

He has published a children’s book, is learning the piano and has just written a play, soon to be performed at the avant-garde Factory Theatre in Sydney’s inner west. People’s retirement is not just about money, he says. And it’s not just about joining a bowls club. It’s actually something the whole family should discuss.

Glass provides a service which consists of a series of six one-on-one discussion sessions

Assuming that each client has already put a financial plan in place, he aims to draw out and highlight the possibilities, benefits and self-worth of a long life in retirement.

He recently acquired a qualification as a ‘Certified Organisational Coach’ and has also studied at the Australian College of Applied Psychology. He aims to help clients to clarify their goals and intentions.

He believes his expertise derives from years of experience working in financial markets with different teams, including executive leadership experience and further study.

He writes a weekly blog on the subject of retirement and promises he will never show a photo of an attractive couple in their 60s or 70s holding hands while walking along a beach.

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The play

In an environment not too many retirees will ever face, Glass has set his play – ‘Entitled Transactions’ – in an English mansion in 1929, with the Earl and his wife meandering through their existence, with the help of their long-serving butler. Enter a mysterious stranger with an offer to buy their property.

Glass says it took him two years to write the one-act (about an hour) play, which will be performed on two nights: July 26 and 27, with a four-person cast of Peter Flett, Barry French, Alice Livingstone and Christopher Tomkinson. Director is Adam Gelin.

While you will hopefully not see him during the show, industry folk may be interested to know that Peter Tiffin, a director of the third-party marketing firm Ambassador, is the stage manager. Glass is also an amateur thespian.

The Factory Theatre is at 105 Victoria Road Marrickville. Both nightly sessions start at 7pm.

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