Super Recruiters jobs outlook survey


Super Recruiters, the superannuation industry’s specialist HR consulting firm, supported by Investor Strategy News, is currently undertaking its annual survey of the Australian and New Zealand market for financial services positions.

The survey asks about employment prospects, of course, but also about the broader state of the market among big super funds and fund managers.

The survey takes only a couple of minutes to complete, but, when combined with the other responses, provides a good guide for the industry’s prospects as a major employer going forward.

Previous surveys, for instance, predicted the current slowdown in new hires by big funds managers and other service providers, according to the firm’s principal, Guy McKanna.

I ask you to participate HERE.

Results will be tabulated into the ISN Industry Outlook report, which we will share with you in a few weeks and could help your own thinking and planning about what to do next year. All answers are anonymous.

– G.B.