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Global pensions sketchy on net zero

A survey of 50 global pension funds shows that many are losing hope of achieving their net-zero goals, and the sector is still “in the foothills” of the transition.

Lachlan Maddock | 13th May 2022 | More
Investors forge ahead with climate strategies

One clear message from this month’s COP26 climate meeting is that big investors – especially Australian investors – will not be waiting for politicians to lead the way with a response to the crisis. Institutional investors are now “moving to the point of implementation” of their sustainability strategies, according to global manager Ninety One, with…

Staff Writer | 26th Nov 2021 | More
The ‘North Star’ of net zero

The companies that will survive the tectonic shift to net zero will be the ones that innovate and engage, according to GAM. “What we’re going into is a scenario where those companies that are going to survive and thrive are those that recognise net zero as the North Star and look at their strategy around…

Staff Writer | 26th Nov 2021 | More
  • Big funds poor report card on climate

    The world’s largest state-owned funds have accelerated their allocations to renewables and lifted their targets for net-zero portfolios but, so far, their investments have been “miniscule”, according to the latest report by Global SWF. In a special edition of its monthly newsletter coinciding with this month’s COP26 meeting, the institutional investment research firm calculates that…

    Greg Bright | 5th Nov 2021 | More
    Pockets of leadership ahead of COP26

    Usually restrained fund managers are venting their frustrations with governments and companies over climate inaction. The rebukes get louder as COP26 gets closer. Martin Currie, a global equities house with about $9 billion in Aussie shares, has made its position clear on what it would like to see come out of the Glasgow meetings for…

    Greg Bright | 22nd Oct 2021 | More
    Investment consultants unite on net zero

    Investment consultants like JANA, Frontier, and Willis Towers Watson, are banding together to “drive real change” by confronting the “daunting” task of accomplishing a net zero transition. The Net Zero Investment Consultants Initiative (NZICI) will see consultants embed advice on the transition to net zero into their advisory work and support clients on developing policies…

    Lachlan Maddock | 23rd Sep 2021 | More
  • How to plan for COP26

    Six years after the Paris agreement on climate change action, most of the institutional investment world and the majority of major countries agree on what needs to be done. COP26 represents a gear shift. Being billed by some investors, including Paris-based global manager Amundi Asset Management, as a “make it or break it Moment”, the…

    Greg Bright | 21st May 2021 | More
    Investors need to maintain climate engagement

    As the ESG investment world prepares for what may come out of the COP26 climate change conference in November, Martin Currie has set out the four major challenges in making the transition to net zero emissions. In its ‘Net Zero: From Policy to Action’ research note published this month, which is part of its four-part…

    Greg Bright | 26th Mar 2021 | More