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No alpha in ESG: Scientific Beta

The supposed benchmark-beating powers of ESG have more to do with investors’ exposure to well-known factors rather than any sustainable secret sauce, according to quant house Scientific Beta.

David Chaplin | 23rd Aug 2023 | More
Why Paris-aligned benchmarks go ‘way too far’

The Paris-aligned benchmarks that an increasing number of global investors now subscribe to disincentivise activities that might actually help the energy transition, according to index provider Scientific Beta.

Lachlan Maddock | 5th Apr 2023 | More
Pandemic, trade indices stretch beta concepts

Academically driven global index provider Scientific Beta has taken strides in its commercialisation with its latest offering. It has also prompted the question: is there a point where smart beta becomes dumb alpha?

Greg Bright | 8th Jun 2022 | More