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Webinar 10 Nov 2021: Core Infrastructure (Macquarie)


REGISTER NOW: Core Infrastructure – Is it a fixed income substitute, an inflation hedge, or a high yielding defensive play?

Core infrastructure has experienced a step-change in investor interest in recent years. Even within infrastructure, which has been increasing its share of global investors’ portfolios, core infrastructure has been one of the most rapidly growing segments.

Core infrastructure’s high yield, defensive attributes, and the long-term nature of the assets and returns on offer have been very attractive for those investors with long-dated liabilities. Its inflation hedge characteristics also make it very appealing to those investors wanting to hedge their portfolios against the risk of higher inflation in the years ahead.

  • Join Macquarie Asset Management on Wednesday 10th November at 9 am EST / 2 pm GMT / 3 pm CET to hear Daniel McCormack (Managing Director, Economist) discuss these capital flow trends, provide analysis on core infrastructure’s inflation hedge attributes, and examine the impact that Covid-19 has had on many of the subsectors and how the pandemic has, or has not, changed the structural outlook for them.

    Core Infrastructure

    CLICK TO REGISTER: Core Infrastructure – Is it a fixed income substitute, an inflation hedge, or a high yielding defensive play?

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