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Webinars and virtual roundtables you don’t want to miss

As working from home has become the new normal for most people, there are still many opportunities for advisers and investors to cut through the noise and hear insights from some of the best investment managers and research teams from a range of webinars and virtual roundtables being hosted online every day.
Netwealth – Are you maximising the government’s COVID-19 financial aid for your clients?
Keat Chew Netwealth’s head of technical service will explore practical strategies to help you and your clients take advantage of the legislative changes around COVID-19 including making the most of COVID-19 financial support packages, how to preserve and generate short term cashflow and super decisions for positive future growth. CPD points will be available.
When: Thursday, 28th May
Time: 12:00pm AEST
Netwealth – How to evolve to goals-based advice
Fraser Jack head of partnerships at Advice Intelligence will go through the fundamental differences between traditional advice and goals-based advice and how to turn this advice philosophy into a methodology for your business. He will discuss how to model, track and benchmark client goals and how to link goals to an investment portfolio. CPD points will be available.
When: Friday, 5th June
Time: 12:00pm AEST
Mirae Asset – Investing in Asia’s Consumption Growth Story
Joohee An senior portfolio manager and Sol Ahn co-portfolio manager will share their candid views on Asia and sharing on-the-ground insights on Asian markets and the advantages that can be gained from having a high conviction strategy focused on companies directly benefitting from Asia’s most powerful theme.
When: Thursday, 28 May
Time: 7:00pm AEST
When: Tuesday, 16 June
Time: 12.30pm AEST
InnerCircles Virtual Roundtables
InnerCircles are independently moderated, thought-leading conversations about current and pressing opportunities and investment issues on the horizon. InnerCircles are free to attend and have been developed to allow participants to gain insights, provide input, interact with industry professionals and accelerate understanding. They have a unique format with 5-6 thought leaders, one expert, an IN-house moderator, 3 IN-house topics and 5 attendee questions.
Invesco – Distressed Credit: A generational opportunity to make a difference
Paul Triggiani managing director and head of distressed credit at Invesco will discuss whether stressed debt markets are the next trillion-dollar opportunity.
Thursday, 28 May
Tuesday, 2 June
Thursday, 4 June
Federation Asset Management Series
Cameron Brownjohn chief executive of Federation is hosting a series of InnerCircles discussing a range of topics including social housing as an investment, renewables, private equity and managing capital.
Making Money in Renewables, 2020 and Beyond
When: Wednesday, 3 June
Today’s Opportunity Set in Private Equity
When: Wednesday, 17 June
How an Investment Bank Manages its Own Capital
When: Wednesday, 24 June

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