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 Why Invest in Asian Private Equity?

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 Amid current financial market volatility, investors are revisiting asset allocations in their portfolios, hoping to identify attractive market segments with upside potential. Morgan Stanley Investment Management (“MSIM”) views private equity in Asia as a potential bright spot for investors that offers the opportunity for outperformance, particularly at the current juncture. While Asian private equity can be a difficult segment to diligence and access, MSIM believes that its 20+ year history investing in private equity funds and opportunistic investments in Asia, combined with the broader resources of Morgan Stanley, can help bridge this knowledge gap.1 MSIM’s upcoming series on “Why Invest in Asia Private Equity?” will look to demystify the opportunity, starting out with “The Case for Outperformance,” which explores some of the drivers of outperformance including accelerated growth/leapfrog potential, valuation arbitrage, and the opportunity for company-level professionalization and efficiency improvement. In subsequent papers, the team will go into further depth on the region, covering topics such as the opportunity for venture capital in India and the current state of private equity in China. 

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