PIMCO’s advice on inflation

PIMCO, the world’s largest fixed income manager, believes that there is more risk in the current inflation bogey than the market is anticipating. It has published what is likely the most authoritative look at the current inflation concerns and suggested

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Trade winds blow for semiconductors

Semiconductors are ‘the new oil’. The big problem is getting them. “What we’re seeing is an explosion in the amount of data gathering and measurement and functionality across whole swathes of industries,” says Matthew Reynolds, Capital Group investment director for

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bfinance moves into wealth management space

bfinance, the global fund-manager search and research consultant, is moving into the wholesale wealth management sector, having completed its first global survey in the space. The survey of 120 wealth managers, including about 10 from Australia, shows a pattern of

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Climate: where long-termism meets the short term

Supported by record retail inflows, ESG-focused investing has, finally, become ‘the norm’, according to panelists at least two of the sessions at last week’s (August 31-September 2) AIST ASI conference. But one of the interesting, most recent, trends within this

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China’s full circle back to ‘whether’

In the past 10 months, since November last year, the investor’s decision on China has done a fully circle – from not whether to invest but how to invest, back to not how but whether. It was in November that

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How impact bonds spice up fixed income portfolios

As investors have looked to put more sizzle into their fixed interest portfolios for extra yield, a sector within the ESG universe has been, increasingly, providing just that – impact bonds. For big super funds the main game has been

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Where to now? Try greenfields infrastructure

With equities and bonds both fully priced, investors are increasingly looking at alternative strategies. A new one, although difficult to access, is ‘greenfields infrastructure’. According to David Neal, the chief executive of IFM Investors and a former CIO and chief

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Small caps stay agile amidst China crackdown

As a far-reaching regulatory crackdown rolls through Asian markets, Elizabeth Soon, portfolio manager for PineBridge, leans on one key lesson from her thirty years in equity markets: volatility brings opportunity. “People become fearful when markets fall and they sell, but

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