‘Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face’: The laws of financial gravity apply to private equity too

The only reason private equity hasn’t suffered as much in this downturn is the discretion that sponsors have over its valuation. That’s going to change – and so is investors’ willingness to believe the impossible.

Lachlan Maddock | 7th Dec 2022 | More
‘Light at the end of the tunnel’ for emerging market debt

After a damaging year, the “massive technical headwinds” for emerging market debt are easing. And the biggest opportunities might be the smallest parts of the benchmark.

Lachlan Maddock | 7th Dec 2022 | More
A cathartic moment after turmoil of 2022

The chaos of 2022 has reset valuations to the point where they’re hard to ignore, according to J.P. Morgan Asset Management. That doesn’t mean the future of markets is any less cloudy.

Lachlan Maddock | 7th Dec 2022 | More
‘It was a feather in my cap’: Block looks back on eight years at ACS

“We had the courage to stick with our investment strategies,” ACS CIO Michael Block tells ISN. “Often what happens with a strategy that doesn’t work is you cut and run at the wrong time. We were lucky enough or clever enough or brave enough that that didn’t happen, and our members reaped the benefit this year.”

Lachlan Maddock | 2nd Dec 2022 | More
YFYS kneecaps climate investing, needs new benchmarks: RIAA

According to RIAA, the YFYS test “runs contrary to sound climate risk management”, and goes against both the government’s own net zero plans and APRA’s guidance on climate change risk.

Lachlan Maddock | 30th Nov 2022 | More
Chant West’s fix for the ‘unintended, unacceptable’ consequences of YFYS

Chant West’s proposed replacement for the performance test might cut through the complexity and create a fairer system for super funds, which have dramatically altered their investment strategies to avoid failing.

Lachlan Maddock | 25th Nov 2022 | More
Investors stuck in the past as furious future looms

Cracks are showing in the old way of doing things. Being able to make money in a sideways market – and do it without equities – will now be the great differentiator.

Lachlan Maddock | 30th Sep 2022 | More
White elephant graveyard: Proceed with caution on nation-building

For every government that wants to work alongside superannuation funds, there’s one waiting in the wings to deliver a regulatory rebuke. Big super needs to think hard about its plans to build the future.

Lachlan Maddock | 26th Aug 2022 | More
Super wars return, with new battles

The old ideological battlelines are being drawn up once again in preparation for three more years of fist fighting over Australia’s retirement savings.

Lachlan Maddock | 10th Aug 2022 | More
Three questions top of mind for EM debt investors

Ninety One is relatively cautious on emerging markets from a top-down perspective, preferring bottom-up selection in a complex global environment, which we see as having distinct winners and losers.

Investor Strategy News | 1st Jul 2022 | More
IN Discussion
INDepth with John Green from Ninety One

John Green from Ninety One goes in-depth with Peter White from The Inside Network on “Sustainable investing in emerging markets”.

Investor Strategy News | 10th Oct 2022 | WatchPause
ESG Retreat Tasmania 2022

The Inside Network’s industry-first ESG Retreat brings together leaders from every major pool of capital in Australia to focus on the transformative change occurring in capital markets as pressing societal, environmental and sustainability issues come to the fore.

Investor Strategy News | 5th Sep 2022 | WatchPause
INDepth with Grant Webster from Ninety One

Grant Webster from Ninety One goes in-depth with Peter White from The Inside Network on investing in emerging market debt.

Investor Strategy News | 2nd Sep 2022 | WatchPause
The Case for Investing in Asia

Don Gunawan, Head of Institutional & CIO Sales of Mirae Asset Global Investments Australia discuss “The Case for Investing in Asia”.

Investor Strategy News | 4th Jul 2022 | WatchPause
Angela Ashton – The Evergreen Responsible Investment Grading Index (ERIG Index)
The Inside Network | 14th Sep 2021
Hayden Nicholson, Bell Potter Securities
The Inside Network | 7th Jul 2021
IN Discussion with Chris Briant, Head of Parametric in Australia.
The Inside Network | 10th May 2021
Julie Lander takes a bow at Care

“We believe in our story,” says Julie Lander. The CareSuper CEO chats to Greg Bright about mergers, diseconomies and spending money.

Greg Bright | 24th Aug 2022 | More
‘An art, not a science’: 15 years of PE lessons from QIC

Canva was the poster child on the way up, and it’s the poster child on the way down. PE might get harder from here, but for Australia’s biggest investors it’s almost always worth it.

Lachlan Maddock | 5th Aug 2022 | More
Pension funds face the perfect stagflationary storm

While hopes of a ‘soft landing’ abound, global pension funds are a little more cynical. A stagflationary environment is not just possible, but likely, and hedging against it will be a herculean task.

Lachlan Maddock | 2nd Dec 2022 | More
Research Affiliates hoses down rapid inflation reversal hopes

Entrenched inflation will likely last longer and prove harder to stamp out than most investors acknowledge, according to a new analysis from quant shop Research Affiliates.

David Chaplin | 2nd Dec 2022 | More
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