Funds want an ‘evolution, not a revolution’ in alternatives

An uncertain market outlook beggars a fundamental rethink of investment strategy. But institutional investors are sticking with what worked in the past, even when they know it won’t work in the future.

Lachlan Maddock | 28th Sep 2022 | More
Decade of decay: Eight investment strategies set to fall apart

A host of things investors have benefitted from in recent decades are likely to turn on a multi-year view. Even the much vaunted alternatives will find it harder to generate alpha.

David Chaplin | 19th Sep 2022 | More
‘Profound changes that won’t happen overnight’: Funding climate transition of the real economy

In the murky world of data – particularly murky with ESG and climate information – blending quantitative techniques and fundamental research is shedding new light for investors.

Greg Bright | 28th Sep 2022 | More
Hedge funds strike back after a lost decade

The level of alpha that hedge funds generated in the age of quantitative easing was “lackluster”, but rising market volatility now offer “a richer opportunity set for skilled managers.”

Lachlan Maddock | 28th Sep 2022 | More
Northleaf brings evergreen private credit fund to Australia

With rising rates expected to enhance yield in an asset class characterized by floating rate loans, international private markets manager Northleaf will launch a new open-ended private credit fund Down Under.

Staff Writer | 28th Sep 2022 | More
What the end of ’30 years of one-way traffic’ means for private markets

As rates rise and the money fuelled tech bubble pops, private companies – and their investors – are buckling down. The hard question, for which there is no good answer, is about what happens next.

Lachlan Maddock | 19th Sep 2022 | More
A spoonful of factors helps inflation go down

Portfolios built along factor lines may be better-placed to withstand the grinding effects of high inflation, a recent study probing almost 150 years of market returns has found.

David Chaplin | 16th Sep 2022 | More
Wall Street’s hot money strategies

The smart money in the alternatives space is likely to flow into CTAs, or trend-following hedge funds, and global macro strategies, according to an annual survey by capital introduction specialists Agecroft Partners LLC.

Greg Bright | 16th Sep 2022 | More
Big super’s blueprint for the future

It’s big super’s “once in a lifetime opportunity” to build the future. But as funds look to invest in nation-building in Australia and the Pacific, they’ll want the government to share some of the risk.

Lachlan Maddock | 14th Sep 2022 | More
White elephant graveyard: Proceed with caution on nation-building

For every government that wants to work alongside superannuation funds, there’s one waiting in the wings to deliver a regulatory rebuke. Big super needs to think hard about its plans to build the future.

Lachlan Maddock | 26th Aug 2022 | More
Super wars return, with new battles

The old ideological battlelines are being drawn up once again in preparation for three more years of fist fighting over Australia’s retirement savings.

Lachlan Maddock | 10th Aug 2022 | More
Three questions top of mind for EM debt investors

The current challenges and opportunities facing the EM asset class from the perspective of allocators and consultants has highlighted three questions that are top of mind for EM Debt Investors. How vulnerable are EMs to current macro challenges?Since the start of the year, we have been in a bond bear market with yields rising and…

Investor Strategy News | 1st Jul 2022 | More
Time for a reality check on 15 per cent super

As the new Labor Government explores pathways to 15 per cent, the superannuation industry needs to examine whether that’s really in the best interests of members. As of July 1, the superannuation guarantee will rise to 10.5 per cent on its long and meandering path to the legislated 12 per cent. That will give workers…

Lachlan Maddock | 1st Jul 2022 | More
IN Discussion
ESG Retreat Tasmania 2022

The Inside Network’s industry-first ESG Retreat brings together leaders from every major pool of capital in Australia to focus on the transformative change occurring in capital markets as pressing societal, environmental and sustainability issues come to the fore.

Investor Strategy News | 5th Sep 2022 | WatchPause
INDepth with Grant Webster from Ninety One

Grant Webster from Ninety One goes in-depth with Peter White from The Inside Network on “Investing in Emerging Market Debt”.

Investor Strategy News | 2nd Sep 2022 | WatchPause
The Case for Investing in Asia

Don Gunawan, Head of Institutional & CIO Sales of Mirae Asset Global Investments Australia discuss “The Case for Investing in Asia”.

Investor Strategy News | 4th Jul 2022 | WatchPause
Bentham unpacks current investment landscape and opportunities in credit investing

Richard Quin of Bentham Asset Management on how to position a portfolio in the current environment.

Investor Strategy News | 30th Jun 2022 | WatchPause
Angela Ashton – The Evergreen Responsible Investment Grading Index (ERIG Index)
The Inside Network | 14th Sep 2021
Hayden Nicholson, Bell Potter Securities
The Inside Network | 7th Jul 2021
IN Discussion with Chris Briant, Head of Parametric in Australia.
The Inside Network | 10th May 2021
Julie Lander takes a bow at Care

“We believe in our story,” says Julie Lander. The CareSuper CEO chats to Greg Bright about mergers, diseconomies and spending money.

Greg Bright | 24th Aug 2022 | More
‘An art, not a science’: 15 years of PE lessons from QIC

Canva was the poster child on the way up, and it’s the poster child on the way down. PE might get harder from here, but for Australia’s biggest investors it’s almost always worth it.

Lachlan Maddock | 5th Aug 2022 | More
Real-world view benefits investors

Looking at the real-world consequences of ESG investments should boost risk-adjusted returns and avoid greenwashing. “Get to the nuts and bolts of the investment,” John Green advises super funds.

Greg Bright | 19th Sep 2022 | More
Super fees climb with age, but devil is in the detail

There are a range of factors that will determine the fees a member will pay. The difference could have a dramatic effect on the final balance of a retiree’s nest egg.

Nicki Bourlioufas | 19th Sep 2022 | More
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