Hedge funds, ‘hybrid alternatives’, in the hot seat

Uncertainty has returned to the market after a bumper 2020, fuelled by persistent inflation and a pandemic that never really went away. But in its latest alternatives outlook, JPMorgan warns that investors aren’t seeing the forest for the trees. “Up

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Market storm won’t change winners and losers

A storm has hit global equity markets. But investors should ignore the blood on the floor and focus instead on the big structural changes that will underpin earnings for decades to come. “The storm that’s hit Australian equity markets in

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Howard Marks on knowing when to hold ’em

Despite the popularity of that old adage, it’s never as simple as “buy low, sell high”. But if it’s not true, what are investors to do? “Everyone is familiar with the old saw that’s supposed to capture investing’s basic proposition:

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Grantham calls ‘the death of the vampire’

Jeremy Grantham believes the “superbubble” he’s been warning about for years is now on the brink of collapse – and that the “wild rumpus” can begin at any time. Calling the collapse of a market bubble is anybody’s game. One

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Emerging markets forge their own green revolution

Emerging markets have languished for years despite their explosive economic growth. But the new inflationary epoch – and a burgeoning focus on ESG – might turn all that around. Emerging markets can be a tough game. A decade of lackluster

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YFYS won’t be the end of ESG: Parametric

The problems with Your Future Your Super (YFYS) run deep – among them, how super funds will manage ESG within the confines of low tracking error strategies. But it’s not the end of the road. Under the YFYS reforms, implementation

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Aussie equities a mainstay as big super gets bigger

By 2041, Australia’s super funds will swell to enormous size. How they invest our retirement savings will become an even trickier prospect. Over the next 20 years, the superannuation system will grow to a colossal size – an estimated $9.2

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‘Cash is still trash’ as empires collapse

Cash is still trash for hedge fund legend Ray Dalio, who believes the world is entering a new paradigm characterized by internal and external conflict that will only intensify in the years ahead. Dalio, founder of Bridgewater Associates and one

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A history of upheaval: ISN’s year in review

This is the last edition of Investor Strategy News for the year. We will next publish on January 10, 2022. Here are some thoughts on the year past, based on reader reactions to our stories. Our most popular for the

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