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How Maple-Brown Abbott fits into the Future Fund’s new investment order

Just like the Future Fund, the recipient of its first active equity mandate since 2017 thinks markets are going to look pretty different over the next decade. And asset management businesses themselves are going to have to do things differently to keep up.

Lachlan Maddock | 27th Sep 2023 | More
Winding up the Future Fund won’t be cheap: WTW

Calls to liquidate the Future Fund and use the proceeds to pay down government debt have grown louder in recent weeks but doing so won’t come without a cost according to analysis from WTW.

Abbey Minogue | 6th Sep 2023 | More
Future Fund sheds more light on small cap switch up

Changing dynamics in the Australian asset management industry gave the Future Fund access to a manager it might ordinarily have been forced to walk away from, and it expects to find plentiful (and sustainable) alpha in small caps.

Lachlan Maddock | 30th Aug 2023 | More
  • ‘More a provision than an investment’: The case against the Future Fund

    The Future Fund might make a bigger contribution to the budget if it was liquidated, according to the Centre for Independent Studies, which argues that its returns haven’t been that impressive even as its benchmark gets harder to beat.

    Lachlan Maddock | 11th Aug 2023 | More
    Future Fund gets top marks as sovereign investors rebound

    Australia’s sovereign wealth fund and New Zealand Super have topped this year’s Global SWF governance, sustainability and resilience rankings, while institutions the world over are rethinking their investment strategies amidst market ructions.

    Lachlan Maddock | 30th Jun 2023 | More
    Skill, not luck: Future Fund backs active small caps

    The Future Fund is thinking of restarting its active equity programs with investments in small caps, according to CEO Raphael Arndt, but commentators are split on whether it will find the returns it needs.

    Lachlan Maddock | 28th Apr 2023 | More
  • Funds back affordable housing, ‘critical’ HAFF change

    While funds have backed affordable housing as an asset class, nation-building initiatives like the Housing Australia Future Fund (HAFF) still need tweaks to create certainty for institutional investors.

    Lachlan Maddock | 17th Mar 2023 | More
    Burgess, Debelle join ART

    ART has recruited HESTA’s investment committee chair as his term ends and the former deputy governor of the RBA.

    Staff Writer | 1st Mar 2023 | More
  • ‘Focus on the big game’ to stay competitive

    Traditional portfolio construction might be dead. But that doesn’t mean there’s no way to beat inflation, even as investors anticipate it will continue to rise and fall over the next decade.

    Lachlan Maddock | 24th Feb 2023 | More
    Magellan eyes buys, alts on long road back to $100bn

    Magellan has flagged acquisitions and the addition of alternatives strategies as part of a five-year plan to reclaim the $100 billion plus heights it last scaled in 2021.

    Lachlan Maddock | 17th Feb 2023 | More
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