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Just quietly… China becomes a tactical play too

Institutional funds and their managers tend not to talk about tactical bets, at least not in public. It’s a long-term game after all. But there are times when short-term opportunities can also match long-term strategies. Take China, for instance. After a difficult 2021 for China and most emerging markets, much of the period being dominated…

Greg Bright | 13th Jul 2022 | More
Three questions top of mind for EM debt investors

The current challenges and opportunities facing the EM asset class from the perspective of allocators and consultants has highlighted three questions that are top of mind for EM Debt Investors. How vulnerable are EMs to current macro challenges?Since the start of the year, we have been in a bond bear market with yields rising and…

Investor Strategy News | 1st Jul 2022 | More
Russia a ‘sideshow’ in main EM game

Investors and their fund managers have dumped Russian holdings in recent weeks amid worsening horror at the invasion of Ukraine. But active managers could lessen the blow for investors through new opportunities on the other side of a Russian trade. For Ninety One’s emerging markets team, Russia is an “ugly sideshow” to the main investment…

Greg Bright | 20th Apr 2022 | More
  • Tuning out the hard assets mantra

    The “hard asset mantra” is rising to a fever pitch in an inflationary environment, but investors should be “skeptical of historical analogies.” Inflation over the coming decade is expected to be closer to the experience of the 2000s than the 2010s, ending a paradigm that has underpinned an “unusually long bull market for stocks” and…

    Staff Writer | 17th Mar 2022 | More
    Year of the Tiger brings new China opportunities

    Some “Tiger-ish confidence” is warranted for China investors as regulatory upheaval eases and authorities target economic growth and stability. “After roaring back from the initial COVID outbreak, the Chinese economy has been through a more difficult spell,” writes Ninety One in its latest China report, titled “Tiger, Tiger: What investors can expect in the Chinese…

    Lachlan Maddock | 28th Jan 2022 | More
    Big picture worry over investor low-carbon aims

    With COP26 a turning point in net-zero thinking, at least for investors and managers, Ninety One has expressed concern over insufficient focus on ‘real world decarbonisation’. The global multi-asset and specialist manager is presenting its 2022 investment outlooks presentation, ‘The Challenges of Normalisation’, this week (from December 6). In it, Hendrik du Toit, Ninety One’s…

    Staff Writer | 3rd Dec 2021 | More
  • Investors forge ahead with climate strategies

    One clear message from this month’s COP26 climate meeting is that big investors – especially Australian investors – will not be waiting for politicians to lead the way with a response to the crisis. Institutional investors are now “moving to the point of implementation” of their sustainability strategies, according to global manager Ninety One, with…

    Staff Writer | 26th Nov 2021 | More
    Ninety One flows augur well for big firms

    In a positive sign for diversified global managers, the dual-listed Ninety One has reported a turnaround in fund flows and a big increase in profits following strong returns in the past six months. The company said in London last week (November 16) that net inflows of £3.9 billion sterling (A$7.2 billion), taking total assets under…

    Staff Writer | 18th Nov 2021 | More
  • How indices tell the story in EM debt

    If super fund investment staff didn’t appreciate the importance of indices prior to the introduction of YFYS, they should do now. With fixed income, the indices tell an interesting, and in some ways counterintuitive, story. Notwithstanding the continued popularity of absolute returns-based portfolios, especially with the end investors, the new fund performance test implemented by…

    Greg Bright | 12th Nov 2021 | More
    Ninety One bond index a first in net zero action

    Global manager Ninety One has launched an index for sovereign bond investors which provides an independently verified assessment of alignment with the Paris Agreement on net zero. A feature of the index, the first of its kind, is that its inclusion of all major emerging markets, many of which are most impacted by both climate…

    Greg Bright | 28th Oct 2021 | More