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Staff Writer

Staff Writer results

Australian Ethical ‘very keen’ to support climate tech, eyes private debt

The $10 billion ethical investor is “actively exploring” opportunities in growing sectors like water, wants to invest more in private debt and expects new issuance of government green bonds as the asset class sees a resurgence of interest.

Staff Writer | 29th May 2024 | More
Equip taps Northern Trust for custody

The $34 billion super fund has appointed Northern Trust for asset servicing solutions, becoming the latest NAB Asset Servicing client to find a new home.

Staff Writer | 24th May 2024 | More
‘Trees don’t read the Wall Street Journal’: Forestry’s big strength

Forestry comes with high returns and low volatility, and also rises to the top of the real assets universe in terms of inflation protection and diversification. It doesn’t fret recessions much, either.

Staff Writer | 22nd May 2024 | More
Future Fund sticks to its guns while inflation sticks around

Surging equity markets have driven the Future Fund’s return higher, but its prediction that inflation will be stickier than expected has been born out and it “remains conscious of the potential for significant deterioration”.

Staff Writer | 1st May 2024 | More
Australian Retirement Trust joins the jet set

The $280 billion ART has become the latest megafund to set up an offshore outpost as it looks to secure “even more compelling investment opportunities” for its 2.3 million members.

Staff Writer | 26th Apr 2024 | More
  • What to do about the ‘concentration conundrum’: Pzena

    Owning the largest stocks has historically been a recipe for underperformance over every period, according to value house Pzena, but the madness of benchmark construction means some investors have few choices but to.

    Staff Writer | 19th Apr 2024 | More
    ‘Wonderful return potential’ in cat bonds: Amundi

    A hurricane doesn’t cause a financial crisis, and a financial crisis doesn’t cause a hurricane – so investors are increasingly eyeing the lucrative and uncorrelated returns of the cat bond market.

    Staff Writer | 17th Apr 2024 | More
    Rest looks to new Fidelity fund for impact

    The industry fund is a cornerstone investor into Fidelity’s new logistics real estate fund, tipping in around A$130 million as it looks to grow its allocation to impact investments.

    Staff Writer | 10th Apr 2024 | More
    What investors are missing about EMD

    There’s been good times and bad times for the EM set, but they’ve exited Covid monetary settings well ahead of their developed market peers and their debt is back en vogue.

    Staff Writer | 5th Apr 2024 | More
    How Trump’s (potential) second innings could kickstart inflation

    A second Trump presidency would see a new era of American economic protectionism, according to Allspring, sending inflation higher and global growth lower. And that’s without factoring in potential threats from China and Iran.

    Staff Writer | 27th Mar 2024 | More
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