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My father’s table: The recession we didn’t have to have

Bad memories of a 1970s style inflation breakout are animating monetary policy in the post-Covid world, writes Rob Prugue. And the irrational prejudice of inflation hawks means more viable tools are being discarded.

Rob Prugue | 3rd Nov 2023 | More
My father’s table: We get the CEO we deserve

The start of any high profile corporate failure can often be traced back to a lack of fiduciary oversight, writes Rob Prugue. Shareholders have a responsibility to both appoint and monitor those who represent their interests.

Rob Prugue | 4th Oct 2023 | More
My father’s table: Orwellian doublespeak and the great ‘retire rich’ lie

Breaking superannuation into three different funding models may not be the right answer, former Lazard executive Rob Prugue writes, but at least it cuts through the fallacy at the heart of our superannuation ideal. 

Rob Prugue | 14th Jul 2023 | More
  • My father’s table: Agency risk in internalisation

    The scrutiny applied to internal managers rarely matches that applied to external managers, writes Rob Prugue. But underperformance is still underperformance, and if something goes wrong the member wears the risk.

    Rob Prugue | 28th Apr 2023 | More
    My father’s table: Two hands are better than one

    Advances in computer modelling have bred a false sense of comfort, writes Rob Prugue, as too many have stopped challenging econometric outputs and blindly implement them without truly understanding their consequences.

    Rob Prugue | 3rd Mar 2023 | More
    Mental health: enough awareness; action needed

    Thanks in part to the pandemic, employers have sufficient awareness of mental health problems in the workforce, their human and economic costs. Now is the time for programs to solve them. A multi-country multi-industry webinar last week (December 9) looked at how employers should learn from the impact of covid-19 and put in place processes…

    Greg Bright | 10th Dec 2021 | More