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My father’s table: Agency risk in internalisation

The scrutiny applied to internal managers rarely matches that applied to external managers, writes Rob Prugue. But underperformance is still underperformance, and if something goes wrong the member wears the risk.

Rob Prugue | 28th Apr 2023 | More
Narrow strategies and nation-building kneecapped: Where YFYS goes wrong

The Your Future Your Super (YFYS) performance test introduces systemic risk into superannuation and discourages the involvement of funds in nation-building projects. But tweaking the test itself might be a tall order.

Lachlan Maddock | 19th Oct 2022 | More
‘We haven’t been told where we’re going’: big super’s brave new world

A landmark report from J.P. Morgan paints a picture of an industry racing towards a future that it doesn’t yet understand. Our big super funds look like strangers in a strange land. “What would be helpful from a regulatory perspective, or even a government perspective, is what are we actually driving towards?” says Mine Super…

Lachlan Maddock | 16th Mar 2022 | More
  • TCorp changes build on ‘total portfolio approach’

    NSW Treasury Corporation, the state government’s $105 billion investment management offshoot, has commenced a restructure among its investment professionals, with 12 positions recently being advertised. The positions, which report up to previously announced heads of department, have been posted in the careers section of the TCorp website, with nine of the 12 being re-posted last…

    Greg Bright | 12th Mar 2021 | More