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We’re delaying major life events and our retirement income system hasn’t caught up

Asked to conduct an independent review of Australia’s retirement income system, the panel appointed by treasurer Josh Frydenberg reported on Friday that it was all tied up with the family home.

Rafal Chomik | 26th Nov 2019 | More
Super guarantee debate goes another round

The debate about whether compulsory employer superannuation contributions should be increased from the current level of 9.5 per cent is constantly simmering, waiting for the next opportunity to boil over.

John Kavanagh | 2nd Oct 2019 | More
There is a problem with retirement incomes but it isn’t the super guarantee

There is a case for not proceeding with, or at least further deferring, the legislated increase in employers’ compulsory superannuation contributions from 9.5 per cent to 12 per cent.

Andrew Podger | 23rd Jul 2019 | More
  • Getting the SG settings right

    Variations in personal circumstances show that a uniform rate of SG cannot be effective in targeting adequacy for all. However, we must choose a suitable rate – one that provides adequacy for most while not being excessively generous to too many.

    Michael Bonarius | 11th Jun 2019 | More