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Backoffice improvements after covid subsides

About a third of securities trading firms on both sides of the deal experienced operational stresses during the peak covid-19 volatility last year, according to a new DTCC white paper. The paper, carried out by global back-office behemoth DTCC (Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation) and consultancy firm McKinsey & Company found some weak links in…

David Chaplin | 23rd Apr 2021 | More
How the market beats economic forecasts

Research Affiliates has taken the study of factor timing to a user-friendly new level through a paper which argues that the market’s momentum and valuation are good predictors of economic influences. The paper, by Mike Aked, director of research for Australia, shows that a strategy based on a factor’s discount to historical averages of value…

Greg Bright | 23rd Apr 2021 | More
The ‘how’, not ‘when’, of value’s coming resurrection

Predicting when a sustained rally in value stocks may occur has proved to be a fool’s errand for the past several years, but that hasn’t stopped value managers from trying. In its latest paper on the subject, Lazard Asset Management has provided a pathway, if not a timeline. The paper, ‘Can Investors Still Believe in…

Investor Strategy News | 5th Dec 2020 | More