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Investor Strategy News

Investor Strategy News results

‘Missionary zeal’ and fighting words: ISN’s top 10 stories of 2022

Custodial news raced up the ISN editorial leaderboard this year, even while mergers and acquisitions and the flawed Your Future Your Super (YFYS) performance test dominated the front page.

Investor Strategy News | 21st Dec 2022 | More
INDepth with John Green from Ninety One

John Green from Ninety One goes in-depth with Peter White from The Inside Network on “Sustainable investing in emerging markets”.

Investor Strategy News | 10th Oct 2022 | More
ESG Retreat Tasmania 2022

The Inside Network’s industry-first ESG Retreat brings together leaders from every major pool of capital in Australia to focus on the transformative change occurring in capital markets as pressing societal, environmental and sustainability issues come to the fore.

Investor Strategy News | 5th Sep 2022 | More
INDepth with Grant Webster from Ninety One

Grant Webster from Ninety One goes in-depth with Peter White from The Inside Network on investing in emerging market debt.

Investor Strategy News | 2nd Sep 2022 | More
2022 Emerging Markets Mid-Year Outlook: Navigating Opportunities and Headwinds

Despite the -16.3 per cent year-to-date (YTD) performance, we are impressed with the resilience of emerging market (EM) equities. In any year with the S&P down 19.9 per cent, the US Dollar (USD) up 7.2 per cent, Russian assets marked to zero, and China locking down its two largest cities, one would rightly cover their…

Investor Strategy News | 17th Aug 2022 | More
  • The Case for Investing in Asia

    Don Gunawan, Head of Institutional & CIO Sales of Mirae Asset Global Investments Australia discuss “The Case for Investing in Asia”.

    Investor Strategy News | 4th Jul 2022 | More
    Opportunity for non-US investment in taxable US municipal bonds 

    An allocation to municipal bonds by non-US investors may provide a high quality and differentiated fixed income exposure to a portfolio. With an increase in issuance and market size, investors outside the United States are expanding their search for yield to a hitherto unexpected place: US municipal bonds. US municipal bonds offer generally higher nominal…

    Investor Strategy News | 4th Jul 2022 | More
    Three questions top of mind for EM debt investors

    Ninety One is relatively cautious on emerging markets from a top-down perspective, preferring bottom-up selection in a complex global environment, which we see as having distinct winners and losers.

    Investor Strategy News | 1st Jul 2022 | More
    Bentham unpacks current investment landscape and opportunities in credit investing

    Richard Quin of Bentham Asset Management on how to position a portfolio in the current environment.

    Investor Strategy News | 30th Jun 2022 | More
    Food innovation: Investing to feed our future

    I am not an expert on climate change. Therefore, I will leave it to those experts and environmental, social and governance (ESG) specialists to talk in detail about the impacts of climate change on our food system and which government policies are required to address or decrease impacts. I am looking at the future of…

    Investor Strategy News | 17th Jun 2022 | More
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