High praise for iPartners in debt

Evergreen Ratings has singled out the iPartners for wholesale investors for providing ‘appropriate’ liquidity in an inherently illiquid private debt market. In its latest ratings for the burgeoning private debt asset class, where non-institutional products are starting to take hold

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… broadens research on climate impact

The main focus for ESG investors, as with many of world’s policy makers and influencers, over recent years has been on the ‘E’. The ‘S’, though, is far from forgotten. The impact of climate change and the measures aimed at

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Martin Currie launches stewardship institute

Martin Currie has launched an inhouse institute to broaden research and the exploration of ideas around asset management stewardship. Super funds and other clients will have input into the topics studied. The global equities manager, a subsidiary of Franklin Templeton,

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New SG battle looms after YFYS gets through

With the passage of Your Future Your Super through the Senate, the Morrison Government won a key victory against the superannuation industry. A bigger fight looms over the scheduled SG increase. While it wasn’t quite the utter dismemberment faced by

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Fiona Reynolds gives notice at PRI

Fiona Reynolds is coming home for good. A visit back to Australia last summer, extended because of covid-19, was not enough. The former chief executive of AIST, who stepped up big time to take the top job at UN PRI

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MAX Awards: now for the actual winners

Chris Mather, head of platforms distribution at BT Financial, and Adele Welsh, head of marketing at Praemium, took out the top two personal awards at last week’s MAX Awards. The annual super and investment industry sales and marketing achievement awards

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… as PGIM looks at real assets in China

Prospects for private markets, including real estate and venture capital, are as bright, or brighter, than they are for the public markets in China, according to a PGIM investor event. The US$1.5 trillion global manager, the investment management arm of

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Mercer’s case for separate China mandates

The discussion about the best way to build and manage an appropriate exposure to China is becoming more urgent. Mercer has helped investors with some new research. In a paper entitled: ‘Positioning Your Portfolio for the Future of Emerging Markets

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History rhymes: GMO defends gloomy views

GMO has hit back at critics of its bearish seven-year forecasts, saying “great companies with great narratives can still experience price movements that are too great”. GMO compared asset class forecasts from the seven-year period leading up to March 2000

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