Self-driving markets: how retail investors broke speed limits

Retail investors have changed the dynamics of US share markets, according to a study by digital broking house DriveWealth. The analysis by DriveWealth, which is the engine of several Australasian US share-trading platforms, found retail investors “have driven a shift

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IOOF, MLC and JANA: the state of play

by Greg Bright* There aren’t too many things you could buy in the investment world, be they businesses or hard assets, that will fall in value by nearly three-quarters over a period of more than 20 years. But NAB’s sale

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How COVID has worsened women’s super outlook

Towards the end of the annual Women in Super Summit, which was this year open to the whole industry rather than only members, it was clear that the already-poor position women have faced with their super compared with men is

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The new complexities and rewards in ESG investing

With engagement between their fund managers – either internal or external – and investee companies increasingly being demanded by institutional investors, new complexities are emerging in the study of ESG principles and practice. The evolution of ESG investing is picking

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The ‘fallen angels’ of fixed income as a factor

When we speak of factors in the institutional investment world, we tend to think about equities investing. But fixed income and credit investing also have their factors. There are just not as many of them. Importantly, though, they can still

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CheckRisk offer reflects worries about bank counter-party risks

CheckRisk, the UK-based global risk manager and information provider, has taken the big step of offering financial institutions a once-only free risk appraisal of their banking counterparties. The firm, which helped clients through the GFC in 2008, believes most institutions

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Amundi links with Asian investment bank for climate change financing

The climate finance investment gap is limiting the integration of climate change for companies and the financial sector across Asia, jeopardising the success of green finance globally, according to the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) and Europe-based fund manager Amundi. The two groups plan to launch this

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