… as retail investors get more ESG options

by Greg Bright There is a big difference between the way the three investment management distribution segments address ESG issues. For retail investors, it is about the ‘product’. The rise of new-style listed invested vehicles, including sophisticated ETFs, has given

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Why sovereign funds are attracted to alternatives

by David Chaplin Sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) have significantly upped allocations to alternative assets since 2010 during a period when funds under management leapt about US$3 trillion, new research from global consultancy firm PwC reveals. The PwC study shows the

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Michael Gallagher

AIMA affiliate steps up APAC activity ahead of HK Forum

Private credit is arguably the hottest asset class of the moment. Australian institutional investors have several global and local providers from which to choose. Now, there’s a not-for-profit organisation looking to promote the asset class in the region. The Alternative

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John West

… but the average advisor struggles in manager selection

Among financial planners, at least, on average there appears little value in trying to enhance their clients’ portfolio returns through manager selection, new research by Research Affiliates shows. While the big asset consulting firms will dispute this from their own

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An open letter to APRA: state your case on fees

by John Peterson In response to the article, “APRA still failing members with passive versus active discussion”, published on January 14, 2018, in Investor Strategy News, APRA took issue with the assertion that it is, “pushing super funds towards lower

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Deloitte tips hard times for fund managers

By David Chaplin The year ahead will be tough for fund managers globally a new Deloitte report argues as margin squeeze, ongoing technological disruption, regulatory pressure and a consumer revolt come to a head. According to the Deloitte ‘2018 Investment

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