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Eyeing a credit-friendlier world, Marks preps for bargain hunting

With higher (for longer) interest rates prompting a “sea change” that’s transforming markets into a lender’s game, the legendary credit investor says it’s a good time for bargain hunters to benefit from selloffs as dislocations emerge in otherwise “reasonable” markets.

Lisa Uhlman | 2nd Aug 2023 | More
Credit’s day of reckoning is upon us

Those that have made high returns by overpaying for higher-risk/lower-quality credit have been lucky and credit conditions are unlikely to be so easy in the future, writes Michael Block. Now is the time to take a very thorough look at one’s credit exposures.

Michael Block | 26th May 2023 | More
Opportunities in Australian credit

Many investors may be wondering whether there is any value left in domestic fixed-income markets. While outright yields may look tight on a historical basis, we contend that spread sectors still provide attractive risk-adjusted returns relative to cash and government bonds. Indeed, there still exist a number of compelling risk/return opportunities for active managers to…

Jonathan Baird | 29th Sep 2020 | More
  • Interest free credit cards take on the BNPL

    “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em,” as Bugs Bunny would say. This is exactly what NAB and CBA have done to take on the Buy-Now-Pay-Later (BNPL) phenomenon. NAB was the first to launch its new StraightUp credit card, which is aimed at millennials by offering interest-free purchases on credit anywhere that accepts Visa. Credit…

    Ishan Dan | 14th Sep 2020 | More