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Greg Bright

Consulting Publisher

Greg has worked in financial services-related media for more than 30 years. He is a former economics writer for the Sydney Morning Herald and assistant editor and business editor for the Australian Financial Review. Greg has founded many magazines, newsletters and conferences in the funds management industry. Titles he has launched include: Super Review, Investor Daily, IFA, Investor Weekly, Investor Supermarket, SMSF Magazine, the Blue Book, Investment Magazine, I&T News, Professional Planner, Top1000Funds.com, IO&C News, Investor Strategy News and New Investor.

Greg Bright results

‘Quiet revolution’: it’s better than strategic asset allocation

by Greg Bright A move away from the reliance on traditional strategic asset allocation as the overarching strategy for big investors and towards the use of a ‘total portfolio approach’, will deliver an additional return of between 0.5 and 1.0 per cent a year, according to new research. Roger Urwin, Global Head of Investment Content…

Greg Bright | 15th Mar 2020 | More
The big world of ESG: how funds are reacting

Tim Hodgson, the co-founder, with Roger Urwin, of the ‘Thinking Ahead Institute’ in 2015 –which is sponsored and overseen by Willis Towers Watson – gave big investors a lot to think about last week with respect to climate change. It’s scary for us individuals and also scary for investment professionals. Hodgson led the annual Thinking…

Alec Law | 15th Mar 2020 | More
Citi Australia concludes RBC client transfer deal

Citi Australia has finalised its agreement with RBC over its securities services business. It has already received letters of intent from almost half the RBC custody client base, with several other fund manager clients, which are primarily among the larger ones, conducting a formal review process. The total business transfers will take between 12 and…

Alec Law | 15th Mar 2020 | More
Emerging markets and the global crisis: it’s all good, for some

Active managers tend to love a good crisis. That’s when they can make some extra money for investors and push themselves up the performance charts. With the current crisis – a health pandemic, oil-price shock and political dramas – they may even be rubbing their hands with glee. There’s a little self-interest there, too. Martin…

Alec Law | 15th Mar 2020 | More
Ninety One: more than a name change

The former Investec Asset Management, from today (March 16) to be known as ‘Ninety One’, created its own font for the new name. This is very rare in marketing and publishing circles. It gets our attention. But it also signifies a lot more than a marketing effort. Ninety One lists today (March 16 AEST) as…

Alec Law | 15th Mar 2020 | More
  • Aon-WTW merger unlikely to impact investments

    by David Chaplin The Australasian arms of global consultancy giants Aon and Willis Towers Watson (WTW) could face a major shake-up following the groups’ merger announced last week. But the investment services divisions of the respective firms in Australia and NZ may emerge relatively unscathed from any post-merger synergy-creation. While both WTW and Aon provide…

    Alec Law | 15th Mar 2020 | More
    Passive private equities strategies: it’s no joke

    Tim Hodgson, a co-founder of the Willis Towers Watson-sponsored ‘Thinking Ahead Group’, in 2002, has an interesting theory. He says people laugh at him about it, but, then, “people also laughed at Jack Bogle”, the late founder of Vanguard and the earliest and biggest proponent of index investing. Speaking in Sydney last week (March 10…

    Alec Law | 15th Mar 2020 | More
    APRA quizzes big funds on coronavirus

    While APRA has asked big super funds and other institutions – and for them to ask their service providers – about their plans to deal with the pandemic, the big funds and their advisors are already on the case as much as you could expect them to be. No-one knows what’s going to happen next….

    Alec Law | 15th Mar 2020 | More
    ESG data hits the billion-dollar mark

    Environmental, social and governance (ESG) data suppliers could be pulling in a collective US$1 billion in revenue by next year, according to a new paper by European consultancy firm, Opimas. The Opimas study found the rapidly expanding appetite for ESG investing – especially in Europe – fed the new breed of data suppliers some US$617…

    Alec Law | 15th Mar 2020 | More
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