January 7, 2021

Asia struggles with private debt mandates

While distressed debt funds have mushroomed to record levels in major markets, helped by the belief that the pandemic is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Asia has languished. Already a small market for the broader private debt alternatives asset class, Asian distressed

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Distribution challenges ahead for managers

Australian fund managers see opening new distribution channels and embracing digitalisation as their major challenges in a post-COVID environment, according to a survey by financial data communications group Calastone and UK publisher Funds Global Asia. The Australian survey, for which

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… as Grantham calls last dance on market’s bubble

Legendary investor Jeremy Grantham has called bubble on the longest bull market in history. In a searing client newsletter, ‘Waiting for the Last Dance’, Grantham says current market conditions that feature “extreme overvaluation, explosive price increases, frenzied issuance, and hysterically

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Managers tipped to double tech spend by 2030

Fund managers expect to double their technology spend from about 10 per cent of their operating expenses in 2019 to 20 per cent by 2023, according to a new study by Casey Quirk. The increase is driven by wanting to

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Bad news for economies, good news for value

Whether or not we are witnessing the early stage of an end to the longest drought for value managers in history, history tells us that when the rains come, it will be a deluge. Recessions and their aftermath are particularly

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INDepth with Marcus Bogdan

Marcus Bogdan from Blackmore Capital Equity Investors goes INDepth with James Dunn from The Inside Network about the ‘Importance of Process and Discipline in Successful Investing’.

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