October 8, 2021

Managers and funds as PRI Awards finalists

The Principles for Responsible Investment organisation annual awards will be announced at the PRI Digital Conference next week, October 18-21. The conference and awards will provide a suitable opening act for the COP26 meetings to be held in Glasgow in

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Shares to offer lukewarm returns in hot times

Dutch asset management giant, Robeco, tips a mainly positive, if subdued, outlook for equities over the next five years but with a high degree of uncertainty ahead in a decade it dubs the ‘Roasting Twenties’. In its new five-year forecast

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Different is better in systematic small caps

The small cap sector has traditionally been the domain of the underinformed and underprepared. But by taking a fundamentals-based systematic approach, Blue Orbit is hoping to change the game. “There’s a real clear gap and an opportunity for us to

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Pessimism and optimism swirl in deep water waves

Kim Catechis says he was not pessimistic when he wrote ‘Deep Water Waves’, his first major strategy report for investors through the Franklin Templeton Investment Institute. The report, published in August, sparked a series of discussions within and outside the

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Why super mergers are like marriages

The first thing funds usually consider in a merger is cost to member – but that won’t necessarily be what leaves them better off. The trick is getting the alignment right. According to David Carruthers, senior consultant and head of

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