November 12, 2021

Apex into bat for sustainability

Apex Group, the global administrator and fintech which last month took the reins at Australia’s Mainstream, has notched up another, more eclectic, milestone, mixing ESG with cricket. Apex, which has a strong West Indian connection through the domicile of its

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After Sydney Airport, listed infra takes flight

The backyard keeps shrinking. And as another big asset disappears from the public market, Australian listed infrastructure investors will have few options but to look abroad for their exposure. The sale of Sydney Airport has generated plenty of headlines about

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How indices tell the story in EM debt

If super fund investment staff didn’t appreciate the importance of indices prior to the introduction of YFYS, they should do now. With fixed income, the indices tell an interesting, and in some ways counterintuitive, story. Notwithstanding the continued popularity of

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Why it’s time for frontier markets

Big Australian investors have never been very fond of taking geographical bets in their portfolios. Just ask a marketing person about selling Asia ex-Japan, for instance; even in the ‘Asian Century’. There are good reasons for why they shouldn’t, the

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How Elmslie and Langley built RARE (and an asset class)

When Richard Elmslie and Nick Langley started RARE, listed infrastructure “didn’t exist”. They hit the ground running – but that doesn’t mean there weren’t speedbumps. “We started with no revenue and no people – it was an idea,” says Richard

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APRA looks to share the blame

Margaret Cole, APRA’s new executive for superannuation, has brought the super war to its most unlikely, and probably reluctant, combatants: members. Faced with the disappointing reality that few have moved out of their underperforming fund in the aftermath of the

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Tiger Cub prowls the peaks

With markets as frothy as they are, you need to find the misfits – and play your cards close to the chest. It helps to be away from the pack. It often takes an outsider to reveal the idiosyncrasies of

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